Fiber cement siding is extensively used as a building material to cover the exterior of a building. It is a composite material made up of cement reinforced with cellulose fibers. Initially, asbestos was used in the mixture, but due to safety issues, it was replaced with cellulose.

Many homeowners are incorporating fibre cement siding because of its advantages like it is fireproof, resistant to termites, does not rot, affordable, durable, varies in styles and impact resistant. The product is appealing not only to the homeowners who get see it every day, but also to the contractors and builders who are sourcing materials, doing the bidding, and actually installing the product.

Here are some reasons why fiber cement is so revered across the board:

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Long Life Span:

Being a composite of cement, wood fiber and other additives which can not only withstand any weather, insects and wear but also are sustainable and can stay for a longer time.

The upfront cost of the fiber is higher as compared to vinyl or aluminium, but its longevity makes it worth and a more affordable deal. It is the best blend of cost, durability, and environmental impact.

Versatility in Style:

It comes in a variety of colors and textures you can choose from. It improves the curb appeal of your building besides being durable. Advanced manufacturing methods allow the customer to enjoy stucco or wood grain look at a fraction of the price and much less maintenance.

In addition to the wide variety of colors and textures of the material, there are a plethora of options in the shape and installation types for fiber cement board. Allura fiber cement siding features shingles and shakes, lap siding or panels that can be installed for the board and batten look.

Fire and Weather Resistant:

In the unfortunate events of the fire, vinyl siding can easily be melted, and cedar siding acts as a fuel. But when it comes to fiber siding, it is proven to be one-hour fire-resistant, and it will not ignite under direct fire or heat.

Besides being fire-resistant, it is also impact resistant to damage by hail. The makeup of fiber cement makes it dimensionally stable and protected from being damaged by extreme heat and humidity.

Resistant to Rotting and Warping:

Fiber cement appears like wood, but it is not. Therefore it doesn’t swell up, warp, and rot when it comes in contact with moisture from rain, snow, heat and humidity.

Ideal for Tornado and Hurricane Prone Areas:

Its durable and robust nature makes it an ideal fiber for tornado and hurricane-prone areas. Excessive harsh winds can completely destroy vinyl and aluminium siding whereas fiber cement siding is durable.

The greatest thing about the fiber siding is its low maintenance. It can easily be repaired, therefore not wasting many resources and valuable time. Professionals must install fiber siding; otherwise, it becomes difficult to install it on your own.