The splendor industry is one of the maximum growing niches everywhere in the global considering many human beings cherish the cost that correct looks bestow on them. Unfortunately, there are numerous weaknesses curtailing this industry from increasing to its maximum ability.

A nearer have a look at the enterprise indicates that simplest massive splendor corporations with big advertisement budgets are the ones succeeding. Smaller franchises, then again, languish in low income and a wanting consumer base. Consumers too face challenges of their very own whilst searching out a beauty service. They must make long phone calls to inquire approximately a brand new hairstyle, how much it costs, and the way lengthy it takes earlier than they can ebook a slot. This is pretty tiresome, luxurious and time-ingesting. But this could quickly trade as one platform, Jolly has got down to make things better.

Jolyy is a decentralized beauty platform that brings beauty product producers, beauticians, and users, together in closed surroundings. In this atmosphere, splendor parlors can talk without delay to beauty corporations; the companies can talk to cease customers who as properly can communicate to their splendor specialists. It’s an entire circle; closed surroundings that target at improving offerings while cutting down the costs.


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Jolly doesn’t personal any beauty products. It’s absolutely a reserving platform which has been enhanced with the aid of incorporating the blockchain generation into its offerings. Like cryptocurrencies are doing to the conventional economic markets, Jolyy too aims at disrupting the old-fashioned splendor reserving structures by means of introducing innovative and relatively powerful booking services.

For see you later, beauty market has lacked relaxed and dependable systems to paintings with. There are so many flaws a number of which encompass excessive commissions, money reversals and failure to deliver the product. With the creation of altcoins and the underlying blockchain technology, all the events within the beauty atmosphere stand to advantage lots.

Delayed bills are any other key problem Jolly looks at solving. Latest reserving systems can take days, weeks and month tops simply to release the money. This is a flip off to the general public who prefer faster transactions or simply need money to pump back into their organizations. With this blockchain powered booking corporation, bills will take place within mins, and there could be no fees levied for both events.

There is also the difficulty of non-commitment while you address everyday booking groups. Their aim is to usher in new clients, on the way to bag a great fee. They are not interested in repeat clients or help organizations preserve the ones they have already got. This is why such agencies do well with salons positioned in big centers that entice many human beings such as traveler enchantment. Jolyy, then again, works with salons of all caliber and helps them preserve their consumer base through providing a properly-knit environment.

Jolly works with a salon’s agenda. They don’t permit overbooking or reserving a time-frame that has already been allotted to a person else. Once a customer has been allotted a sure time, it’s eliminated from empty slots so there are no double bookings.

How Jolly platform works
When a patron is seeking out a beauty parlor, they may go to Jolly’s website or mobile app, flip through the available salons and select the only they like. There is also an alternative of typing the name of the exceptional beauty salon as opposed to rummaging thru the whole listing. Filters inclusive of region, distance, used products, price, score, bargain, and others could be there to help everybody get exactly the salon they need.

The style and offerings offered by way of every salon will also be listed so one doesn’t just select a certain salon and fail to discover the offerings they had been searching out. The moment one receives what they prefer, all that remains is to click on at the carrier, test the available hours and e-book.

Once someone has selected a salon, the managing crew will get a push notification (typically on their app) with information of the customer and the time booked. This could be very convenient for both parties, without any need for pointless telephone calls.

Mode of fee
All bills will appear online thru PayPal, bank card, JOY token and some others. Once the consumer places an order, a settlement can be initiated on the blockchain in preference to a cash fee. The client can then walk over to the salon, get labored on or even order a further provider. When the process is completed, the salon owner will demand price whereupon the consumer has to verify for the release to manifest.

If the splendor experts got paid in phrases of JOY tokens, they can keep them or use some to buy stuff from beauty manufacturers within the ecosystem. Those who want to turn them into real cash can stroll to the closest ATM and use the playing cards which Jolyy will give them. In order to acquire charge in JOY Tokens or cryptocurrencies, the business must create pockets.

Jolly Live
What would be the essence of bringing people collectively if they couldn’t engage? Jolyy live is the Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or Instagram of Jolyy fans. Through this medium, customers will be capable of percentage posts, like and touch upon anything pleases them. Here they can ask any question or follow the character or salon they like. There can be a risk to peer the most preferred or trending subjects of the day, week or month.

Through Jolyy Live, customers might be capable of recognizing some of the trending patterns, both domestically and the world over. Beauty professionals may also get a danger to promote themselves to the community in addition to get remarks on the excellent of their offerings. Advertising could be allowed, and this is one vicinity wherein JOY tokens will come in on hand.

Jolyy Store
This could be a shop of beauty products reserved for Jolyy beauticians best. This will supply smaller corporations the opportunity to marketplace themselves for free. There may be an instantaneous hyperlink connecting them to customers. Established agencies may also find this blockchain enabled booking platform to be a feed saver.

When a delivery has been made, payments could be processed via clever contracts at the blockchain. After a specific time (an afternoon, two or a week) the money can be launched to the cosmetic company inside the form of JOY tokens which they are able to pick to switch with fiat forex or use it for advertising on the website.

Businesses might be able to marketplace themselves without the need to interact in high priced advertising campaigns. Clients, on the opposite fingers, could be able to get super services from salons of their desire.

Jolyy is the way to move for folks who are searching outsmart answers to their splendor business ventures. The first model of the platform has already attracted a huge following, albeit its novelty in the enterprise. As the team experts work on the “beta” version, all the splendor stakeholders are guaranteed to advantage plenty from this contemporary day, blockchain-powered reserving platform.