It is well known that everyone witnesses this dangerous pandemic, and it is a serious thing to all. But also it keeps all the people to stay at home. It looks nice to stay home together, but after some days it looks too boring. This is too hard for one to spend all day without doing anything. And everyone needs something by which they can enjoy the day and spend their time at home. But it is also important to stay safe by staying at home and stop spreading the virus of COVID-19. In between all this, you can watch movies or your favorite shows online. Most people listen to music, play games, surfing the internet, and do many things, but can’t spend their day completely.

Alternatives of 123movies That You Should Try 1

So they can watch movies online. Now, most people ask questions about which website is good to watch online movies and web series. So, we tell you that you can use the website movies and enjoy your day. Also, you can watch your favorite avengers’ infinity war anytime you want and also anywhere. Here is the huge collection of movies, tv-series, web series, and many more things, and you can watch the latest movies and HD videos, and all other things online.

About 123movies free movies, yes on the website of 123movies, you can watch the movies for free. Here you have nothing to pay for watching movies online. You can watch any of the movies on the website. 123movies is a huge streaming platform to watch and download movies online. Because the website has a huge collection of movies and all the latest content also available on the site. And not only movies the website contains.

The site also contains short films, TV series, videos, documentaries, and much more. Here you can find anything that you want to watch. You are also won’t be able just to limit content with the genre. Moreover, 98 million people use this site to know how much collection the 123movies delivers to their users for craving.

But not all days are the same. That means there is some bad news also. The site is getting more attention, and because of this, in 2016, the site was listed for “Online Notorious Markets,” and it has been targeted for site takedown. So, if you face any problem accessing the website or can’t access it, that means the site is under maintenance or its takedown.

Even you don’t feel fret; because we got to cover you. We provide some sites by which you can access the 123movies without any problem. Below are some of the clone websites given. By using them, you can easily access the 123movies and entertain yourself without any issue.

Sites for 123 movies

Here are some sites available for the 123movies. Let us check:


Alternatives of 123movies

Here are some of the alternatives to the 123movies. One should also try out those alternatives. Let us check those alternatives and discuss them:

  1. Vumoo
  2. YIFY Movies
  3. Go Stream
  4. Takeaway

Now, we discuss them in detail.

1. Vumoo

In today’s time, there is no need to download the movie and after that watch it. We can watch movies and other shows online. But when we watch online our favorite movies or tv shows, there is some pop-ups display. And they annoy us, and we don’t enjoy the movie fully. But if you don’t want to annoy and enjoy your favorite shows and movies online, you can use the alternative of the 123movies. Vumoo is the best alternative to the 123moives. Vimeo’s website interface is simple, and it is free to use. And you don’t need to provide any information for the website’s movies.

2. YIFY Movies

YIFY is one of the best reliable places to watch and download movies. Although you cannot stream movies on the YIFY movies, you can direct download HD movies. You have to type the movie’s name, and you can see the result related to the movie that will be the latest version. Even the site has an easy toolbar to use the filters for searching the movie easily. You can use filters like year, genre, ratings, and other available filters to help you search for your favorite movie.

3. Go Stream

Go Stream gets the success from since the 123movies are banned/ blocked. Even Go Stream is also the target of the websites to takedown. But don’t worry though, Go Stream is still available to provide its services to its users, and you have to visit them through their proxy sites. And the main thing about this is that, like Vumoo, this site also doesn’t annoy you with pop-ups.

Here are some honorable mentions:

  1. Watch Free- This has limited but over 16,000 movie collections. With this, you can’t go wrong.
  2. PutLocker- It is the classic movie streaming site. And it is till now kicking and alive.
  3. KissAsian- This one is the source of Asian movies.
  4. MoviesJoy- This one is also limited, but it contains more than 10,000 of the contents. You can watch your favorite TV series on this that is regularly updated.

4. Takeaway

When we feel bored or have nothing to do, we feel how to do time pass, and it is a big task to do time pass. But watching movies, when the time passes we don’t know, even we enjoy also ourselves. So, when you don’t want to feel bored, you can watch movies on, but what do you do when it does not work? Don’t worry; we have an alternative to the 123movies, and that is the takeaway. It is the best platform to watch your movies and shows when you can’t access the 123movies.