One of the reasons I wouldn’t say I like TV is because of the ads. Advert breaks have become longer and greater common throughout programs. Having visible the occasional TV program while skiing in North America, I almost cringe at how an awful lot of time is devoted to advertising and marketing. Advertising may be so persuasive, especially if it is, as is more and more the case, being encouraged by using some “celebrity” or media megastar.

Anyone for a Sports Drink? 1

Casting my thoughts lower back to 1992 after attending the New York Marathon exhibition might also appear like a moderate deviation from the challenge at hand; however, bear with me. In addition to exhibitors trying to tell me that I was sporting the wrong strolling shoes, one stand caught my eye, and I became intrigued. It was a stand selling the benefits of sports liquids. Again, this concept became new to me – in all of my long-distance runs and fitness center education, I best drank water.

But here became a younger guy telling me that my performance could be higher if I drank his enterprise’s sports activities drink alternatively. Now, I might be the primary character to confess that I turned into pretty opinionated during the one’s days. Still, I dismissed his advertising advances with a brusque “no thank you, I drink water”. The motive at the back of my immediate dismissal of his “exceptional, overall performance-enhancing” new product? Simple. It became brilliant blue.

I am privy to course that, sky apart, very few matters in nature are brilliant blue, particularly meals. Sure, we have antioxidant-rich matters referred to as blueberries available to us, but their pigments are very dark. No, this younger guy changed into looking to get me to accept as true with that sugary, salty water spiced up with food coloring could beautify my sports performance. Even then, before I located what I actually wanted before and after a protracted, difficult race, I realized that something must be amiss.

Fast-ahead 20 years, to ultimate Thursday nighttime, to be particular, on the karate club. I became paired up with a young lad for fighting practice, and the room became hot. No longer warm, without a doubt steaming, giving the form of environment that would not be considered out of a location in a Bikram yoga magnificence. For one, with the attempt I constantly placed into my education, I turned into pouring with sweat. Not so my young opponent, who remarkably seemed to be dealing with keeping his pores closed, changed into simplest, displaying a mild alternate to his facial hue.

After a three-minute blast of jyu-Ippon Kumite (announced assaults with freestyle defense), my little opponent becomes allowed a short refreshment ruin. We can not have the kids getting dehydrated in any case of that attempt. Are we able to? I declined the possibility to seize a short gulp of water – I ought to have kept going for another couple of hours. He rummaged in his bag and pulled out, to my horror, a bottle of the aforementioned diluted meals coloring. After simply three minutes, this 12-year-old idea he needed to “improve his performance,” even though he had hardly ever sweated! It has been absolutely established that it’s far handiest athletes who have been acting at excessive intensity for over ninety minutes that could advantage from a drink aside from water.”

What message is it that we’re giving now not simplest to adults who compete in recreation at something degree, but also to children that would do the bizarre bit of leisure education? Before penning this weblog, I regarded up to the ingredients on this cocktail of blueness. Bear in thoughts that the flavor of this unique drink is called “berry & tropical fruits”… Here it’s miles, the little bottle of horrors:

Anyone for a Sports Drink? 2

Water, glucose, fructose, citric acid, mineral salts (sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium phosphate), flavorings, acidity regulator (potassium citrate), stabilizers (acacia gum, glycerol esters of timber rosins), sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K), color (top-notch blue). Glucose, fructose: This is sugar. It increases adrenaline manufacturing by 400%. Stresses the pancreas. Causes extended storage of body fats. It Acidifies the body and runs minerals out of the bones. Removes teeth from the tooth. Feeds cancer cells. Need I go on?