You’re a hectic, on-the-cross professional, so you deserve an electronic mail patron that continues up with you. If the iOS Mail app isn’t cutting it, you’re in success — many options offer extra functions. Better but, these apps are unfastened. You may not need to spend a dime to try them out for yourself. Take a glance! Are you seeking out an app that intelligently kinds your e-mail? How approximately one that protects you from sketchy senders? Perhaps you need an electronic mail app with a great widget or guide for issues. These functions and greater can be determined in the clients indexed under and all of the paintings with most people of e-mail accounts.

Best Free Email Clients for iOS 1

Key Comparison Points

To narrow down the sphere, we did now not permit any e-mail apps with consumer scores beneath four stars at the App Store. While critiques may be subjective, we felt apps above four stars usually prove themselves to be really worth attention for the best apps of their kind. In addition to simply trying out every application, we looked for precise features and alternatives that could help make a really perfect e-mail patron. There is no best app of direction, but those key factors gave us a greater subjective way of comparing the exclusive apps we attempted out. For extra statistics on why we picked every information factor, test out the listing beneath.


IMAP Support: Most mainstream email services such as Yahoo Mail, Google, or iCloud are IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) money owed. Chances are if you are the usage of electronic mail from a popular provider, your account falls until IMAP.

POP3 Support: Unlike IMAP bills, which continuously store your emails on a server, POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) money owed download and delete the emails from the server. These accounts are not as populous as IMAP, and many electronic mail packages no longer help them. So, if you have a POP3 account, you’re going to want to make certain the app you choose is well suited.

SMTP Support: Otherwise called Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, that money usually owed simplest send documents out to every other source and aren’t involved in receiving messages themselves. If your account works with SMTP, you will want to make certain the e-mail purchaser supports it.

Smart Inbox: A Smart Inbox sorts thru your emails to give you a clean study of what’s crucial. They differ from app to app; however, preferably, a Smart Inbox will display personal or crucial emails on the pinnacle of your inbox, then institution much less critical emails like newsletters or notifications in a separate phase, or preserve them out of the inbox completely. In brief, it makes for a much more focused e-mail enjoy.

Bundles: Bundles are much like a Smart Inbox but work otherwise. Bundles group your emails by using type into specific folders, or even as one combined e-mail. For example, Bundles could group all of your emailed receipts into one folder inside the sidebar of your email app, supporting you arrange your content in a brand new way.

Best Free Email Clients for iOS 2Schedule Emails: If you have to send an email at a time you might not have to get entry to your iPhone, you may want an app that permits you to agenda emails. That way, you can pick a later time for your email to be despatched and relaxation smooth knowing it’ll get in which it is supposed to move.

Snooze Emails: Worried you will neglect an email for your inbox? Snooze it! You can set a time to be alerted to that e-mail within the destiny so that you can reply accurately. Or, you may snooze it once more.

VIP Mailbox: A VIP mailbox most effectively displays emails from contacts that you have categorized as VIPs. It makes for a far greater focused inbox revel in, seeing that you may best see emails from senders you recognize are critical to you.