prospective bloggers and new bloggers nonetheless get harassed as to what running a blog platform to use. inside the running a blog industry, there are several alternatives in phrases of the fine blogging platform to use. however, there are two structures which are widely used. and has many blessings. those consist of:

1. smooth for new bloggers to use.

setting up the weblog is quite simple. it’s far just a matter of following some prompts.

2. No want to put in something

that is very good for the non-techies.

three. free to use

As a newbie, this platform is an excellent place to begin. No unique abilities are wished and no price is needed to apply it.

four. area call is free

whilst the use of this platform, you surely choose a domain call. to start with the machine will check if someone is already the use of it. If none, you get to use your selected domain call.

5. Ease in Posting

Writing a put up is quite easy. it is much like typing on a phrase file.

6. topic is easy to change

If uncertain of the way the blog looks, you may without problems trade it in seconds. This allows new bloggers to have a feel of the exclusive opportunities and choices inside the designs or the subject.



7. One dashboard

all of your blogs may be accessed through one display or dashboard. This lets in for clean control of all of your blogs.

these are some hazards of the use of

1. confined Flexibility

As there are only a few designs and subject matters, maximum blogs look and experience the same. which means that it isn’t always clean to distinguish your self from the opposite bloggers and does no longer permit you shine in your personal area of interest.

2. domain call is lengthy

As your weblog is hosted by way of blogger, your area call will also consist of their emblem, together with: in place of an appropriate which is Your viable customers will easily know that your blog is hosted in blogger without cost.

3. blog ownership stays with blogger

You do no longer personal your blogger weblog. It manner that if blogger one day shuts down, it owns all of your contents and the entirety else in your weblog. except you’ve got an again up elsewhere, you could lose the complete blog. If blogger comes to a decision they do no longer like your blog, they could close it down every time.

in case you are making plans to create an income online, you could start using blogger to get acquainted with how blogs work. later on, you may undertaking into the usage of the opposite platform that majority of the expert bloggers use.