Which running a blog platform ought to I pick?

About choosing a platform in your new enterprise blog, it may be a frightening challenge. There are many selections to be had, all of which have numerous plus and minus points. The maximum famous picks are Blogger and WordPress. In this article, I purpose to help you determine that’s the right platform for your business weblog. Earlier than we do this, permit me just offer little heritage facts on both Blogger.

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WordPress. Blogger released on can also ninth 1999 by a small organization called Pyre Labs. At the time, it changed into one of the earliest gear dedicated to online publishing or running a blog. In 2003 the business enterprise, Pyre Labs, turned into purchased by way of Google, and over the subsequent years, the platform changed into migrated completely to Google-owned and operated device. As it stands, Blogger is one of the maximum highly trafficked domains inside the international.

WordPress began in 2003 with the unique aim of improving typography discovered in ordinary internet writing. At the time, little did they know that WordPress could end up the single biggest self-hosted blogging/self-publishing surroundings globally. Hundreds of thousands of sites are the use the WordPress engine to energy their blogs and websites internationally. OK, so this is the heritage of Blogger and WordPress. So, which one is right in your commercial enterprise blog?

How a lot do they cost?

I’m going to start with the financial factors as that is something most companies are concerned with. The coolest information is that each Blogger and WordPress are unfastened, absolutely unfastened. You do not need to buy a license to apply for them or pay any ongoing subscription fees. However, WordPress is available in forms. Hosted and self-hosted. Hosted is self-explanatory in that your blog might be hosted on WordPress servers, but with Self-hosted WordPress, you’ll want to buy an internet web hosting package deal to host your blog. Blogger, however, is absolutely hosted and does now not offer a self-hosted choice. For the remainder of this newsletter, I could be referring to the self-hosted version of WordPress. So, in precis, in case you are on a totally tight economic budget, Blogger is the inexpensive choice.

Am I able to use my personal area name with this equipment?

In short sure, you may. WordPress, as it’s hosted for your very own website hosting, will give you complete management over the area call addressing. Blogger may also let you factor your personal domain at your Blogger weblog; however, all of your content material will nonetheless be hosted at the Blogger servers, and it’s going to require some technicals recognize how to get set up.

Can I customize my weblog?

WordPress will let you completely personalize the appearance and experience of your blog. There are lots of WordPress themes available. If you are conversant with HTML and CSS, you can create a custom topic that fits your enterprise internet site; as an alternative, you could rent an internet clothier to design you a custom topic. Blogger does have a few templates to be had. However, these can be quite proscribing, and as it’s hosted, you may now not be able to integrate the website into your commercial enterprise website fully.

Do I have managed my content material?

With WordPress, most truly. Because the web page is for your internet web hosting, you will be capable of lowering back up and appropriately keeping your content material if a problem ever strikes. You will additionally be capable of manipulating what content material goes onto your website online. In case you choose to use Blogger, you want to be aware that your content is saved on servers owned by Google, and you’ve little or no control over what occurs to it. this may now not be a large problem. However, it’s far something that you must bear in mind when making your choice.


In precis, each Blogger and WordPress are ideally suited to a commercial enterprise blog, albeit with some limitations. If you need a quick and easy weblog platform it’s all managed for, then you definitely Blogger would probably be the selection, but do be mindful of the control you are relinquishing. If you need a weblog that you have complete manipulate over and have access to all the customization tools, then I might recommend which you get running a blog with WordPress.

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