Talk about touching a leopard’s behind; how may want to all of us scouse borrow from a person who makes a decision how long you live in prison!

But 30-yr-antique Alex Wandwasi did whilst he stole a computer belonging to Nakawa Court Chief Magistrate Jameson Kamani.

When Wandwasi, a resident of Kiganda in Kira, was taken to court docket, he pleaded responsible, pronouncing he needed to shop for meals for his circle of relatives.

Wandwasi had genuinely camped on the court docket day by day, watching for a possibility.

On December eleven, at about 1:00 pm, he timed while the magistrate left his chambers to attend a meeting, then stole a Lenovo laptop valued at sh2m.

Unfortunately, Johnson Twebaze, a protection officer at the court docket, noticed him. Twebaze could have easily careworn him for an IT expert taking a pc for restore, however, have become suspicious while Wandwasi dropped the computer and took off.

Lenovo is a global innovative technology corporation. It is the fourth biggest organization in the international with recognizing to pc and computer products. Lenovo became the fourth largest organization within the international surpassing the IBM Personal Computing Division. The crowning glory of the take over process was in May 2005. Lenovo ranks as number one PC dealer in China for 11 successive years, specifically laptops.


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Before Lenovo organization took over the IBM Personal Computing Division, IBM stood 0.33 inside the laptop market. Lenovo develops, manufactures and sells advanced, excessive best, dependable and secure computer and computer products. The corporation additionally gives fee-delivered expert offerings to its customers around the globe for brighter approaches to stay competitive and efficient within the pc market.

Secret Behind The Success Of Lenovo:

Lenovo markets and sells award-prevailing series of laptops known as the ThinkPad notebook series. They additionally sell ThinkCentre computer systems. The other successful pc version of the business enterprise includes IdeaPad purchaser computer, IdeaCentre computers, ThinkVantage Technologies software equipment, Lenovo 3000 PCs and ThinkVision monitors and ThinkStation workstations.

The mystery behind the achievement of Lenovo is Worldsourcing. The secret strategy of Lenovo is the strength to make improvements throughout the globe. Lenovo defines Worldsourcing as the availability of assets, thoughts, and opportunities that may be discovered anywhere around the world. Thus, Lenovo believes in Worldsourcing and no longer outsourcing.

Another reason for Lenovo’s achievement is that producers of Lenovo products continuously try and provide the first-class offerings from their facets to their clients. For instance, the organization made its R&D (Research and Development) department to design any such pc, a good way to serve all the customer requirements for a computer. Thus, the final results became a ThinkPad series of laptops. Similarly, the company tries to solve all the patron issues in a comparable manner.

Lenovo attempts to recognize the necessities of its customers after which designs pc models for this reason. For example, many human beings have the worry of records inside the laptop being damaged due to injuries or thefts, Lenovo got here out with their maximum a hit product, the ThinkPad collection of laptops, which took care of some of these problems. Other purchaser requirements that cause the introduction of ThinkPad laptops are as follows:

A courtroom date has been set, the espresso pot is complete, adrenaline is kicking in, and you are about to prepare a stable case to wow the patron. How assured are you that your presentation goes to wow choose and jury as nicely?

Presenting your case in court docket is the fruits of all of the difficult work positioned fourth in its practice. You’ve worked difficult for your consumer, investigating the case, performing legal studies, developing piles of briefs and memoranda, lining up professional witnesses, scheduling and calendaring, accounting for all billable hours, securing your proof, growing famous, pouring over discovery, and ensuring each I was dotted, every T changed into crossed. In all, you want your case presentation to be a piece of artwork, and that is why we are right here. We want to give you the framework that will help you shine once you get on a court docket.

We’ll tell you about our free Trial Notebook eBook in only a piece, however for this quick intro, we’re going to speak the qualities your notebook must have with the intention to help set you up for success whilst your case goes to T.R.I.A.L.:

Thoroughness – Have you included the whole thing you will want after which checked it all again?

Reliability – Accuracy aside, does your notebook layout paintings? Is it softcopy or hardcopy?

Inquisitiveness – Do your sections and forms activate you to offer the proper information?

Appearance – Does your Trial Notebook bundle command respect or is it a mess?

Logic – Is there an amazing intuitive drift to the format of your cloth?


There is nothing so fatal to a court case as an overlooked detail. While you don’t want to be repetitive, the greater crucial an occasion is the extra a little redundancy is your buddy. You need to include the whole lot you need and have a few correct pass-reference. Some mind to keep in mind:

Work from forms, templates, and checklists. Don’t depart Trial Notebook assembly to threat or memory.
Review everything along with your client and your supplying attorney(s) as you move alongside. Waiting until the final minute does nothing but make sure ignored detail and a worried client.
Create an “Index and Reference” section like you would discover in a textual content ebook. For instance, have one listing showing your Document Control numbers so as alongside the items they constitute, list your witnesses in alphabetical order, your e-discovery files by name, and listing all other electronic file names in order with an outline of their contents.