Computers have become the main instrument in the business field, and many occupations involve some knowledge in this area. Here is why we should not be surprised by the influence these machines have had in the educational domain.

There should be a computer in every classroom of an elementary school, and there should definitely be a few computers in a classroom when we talk about secondary schools. Of course, there is no need to talk about high

Computers in School 1

schools and universities anymore. And this is only the beginning. Personal computers have been introduced as the standard computers which should be found in schools, which consolidate the connections between the essays and things you do on the school computer and the ones you write at home, on your personal computer. This way, students can continue their work outside their classes, saving it on a CD, a DVD, or a floppy disk.

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Here are a few things you should take into consideration when it comes to scanners. There should be a scanner in every school, this being enough given that you don’t usually scan so many things at school. You can scan some images, transfer them on a disk and bring them to class again. If the computer equipped with a scanner is connected to the school

network, the image files can be shrunk to 1.4 MB and, therefore, transferred on a disk or on magnetic support to use them again in school. Almost all scanners produce high-quality color images. However, although the images look quite the same, hand scanners don’t ensure the same performances.