When I first began blogging for ChicagoNow, I concept it became a fantastic opportunity to get my message out to a larger audience. That message, specifically, to paraphrase Ferris Bueller: “Life actions pretty fast. If you don’t stop and observe what’s occurring on your moments, you could pass over the honestly critical stuff.”

What I did now not assume, although, changed into the way it also would do something for me that I’ve in no way skilled before. Let me be part of an entire community of other writers who also have something critical they want to say, and a unique location they stand from which to mention it.

Now, to recognize why this changed into such a critical revelation, you need to keep in mind that writers are essentially creatures running in isolation. Yes, they may be surrounded by others in a newsroom, publishing business enterprise or corporate communications branch, however, once they’re writing, they’re commonly doing it by myself.

Which, for the ones of us who like to work in groups, is not continually the very best factor. Because a team, a sincerely properly one, is made of people targeted at the same goal, sharing a not unusual bond, each with their personal voice but after they do what they came together to do, the one’s voices come to be a choir.

That’s how it feels being a ChicagoNow blogger.

Now, of the path, I don’t understand all the many different bloggers on this website online. But I do make it a factor to attempt to read a pair of new blogs frequently. And after I do, I’m always surprised. Because just like there are not any two snowflakes alike (at the least, I hope there aren’t, or this analogy really received’t paintings), there are not any bloggers alike. Five of us can all witness the same occasion, and each has our very own angle on it. An angle made from our past reviews, our values, the things we’re most passionate about, whether we have a non-public connection to what befell, and the list is going on.

But right here’s the component. All 5 folks could be operating towards one aim: to tell you what we most need to tell you about the event.



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Because that’s what we do. Like prospectors, we mine events and topics and those for gold.

And what’s “gold” in blogger language?

It’s reality. In whatever form that takes. Whether it’s making you suspect, inspiring you, causing a tear or amusing, illuminating a connection that turned into formerly hidden, or simply acknowledging that we don’t have the solution.

How do we do it?

By bringing anything craft we will to our words, as ably as viable, and doing it in the most sincere, human manner we can.

And why do we want to proportion the fact?

Because it is something vital.

Some lesson that we’re here to study.

Some feel that we’re here to feel.

A motive to set the alarm so that we don’t leave out a minute of it tomorrow.

And this is why I am venerated to rely on myself some of the different bloggers here. Because we’re all in this team collectively. All achieving out to you, with many voices becoming one.

Of course, you’re the opposite important part of the equation. Because, without you, we’d all simply be maintaining a journal.

Now, in case you need to attempt an easy test to show my factor that I’m teamed with a few quite special people, once you’re done studying this, click on around the ChicagoNow website.

Read a new blog or post as regularly as you may, and allow me to recognize if any individual of them doesn’t make you see or feel something new.

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