It is secure to say that most designers spend most of their time constructing their websites on a given platform. Those with the highest requirements have to, upon completion, check their creation in one-of-a-kind browsers and one-of-a-kind structures.

Designing Your Web Site For ALL Browsers 1

The latest statistic I saw pronounced that 12% of new customers have been Macintosh customers. Ignoring this fact is like developing a catalog that could be optimally considered via one in 8 of your clients. Furthermore, now not all Windows users are the usage of Windows 98. Windows ninety-five continues to be extensively used, and Windows 2000 and NT constitute a substantial percentage of traffic.

Platform issues aside, Internet Explorer, notwithstanding Microsoft’s inclusion with all Windows Installations, does not constitute the only browser option. Netscape continues to enjoy a strong following of users numbering in the millions, and Several companies are utilizing lotus Notes as the “well-known” browser and electronic mail software.

Then, of the route, there may be AOL. Although basically an IE engine “below the hood,” AOL continues to include sure differences. Considering the extensive numbers of AOL users, this browser has to be now not omitted. If your website does no longer look proper in AOL, you definitely risk turning away a big percentage of capacity traffic.

It should be clean that cross-platform and more than one browser compatibility is a should. Therefore, knowing a few primary and simple strategies to help keep your pages searching for their fine in the most places is likewise an ought to. Following, you will find a few guidelines and thoughts to help you do just that.