Distress tourism

The two girls, Katrina and Rita, are setting international oil expenses on the fireplace and inflicting anxiety assaults down the road. But Indian babes and policymakers, recognized for their ingenuity, have controlled to odor possibility even there. Of root, it is all non-public. The buzzword amongst petroleum ministry bureaucrats in these days of ‘strength protection’ is petro-tourism.

Distress tourism 1

Look for cozy assets of electricity and oil international relations represent the pretext for a maximum of our oilman babus to engineer junkets to grease-wealthy countries. In imperative and west Asia, most of these countries are exotic tourism locales that might be a natural and harmless twist of fate. They ought to try to tell that to the taxpayer, although!

Past the safety gulf

Fly to Dubai appears to be Priyanka Vadra’s favored phrase. She has been a visitor to the Gulf emirate for several instances this 12 months. She became in Dubai for some days, beginning September 17. In line with reviews published in Dubai newspapers, Priyanka loves Dubai, which is the maximum-sought-after excursion destination for the family.

However, the choice has not precisely been decided through the usual touristy considerations: luxury, panorama, and things like which you realize. 0.33 Eye has been told that Vadras have selected Dubai because Indian safety corporations believe it is the safest holiday destination. Compared to Gulf international locations, which keep hitting the headlines because they preserve getting hit, this one sure is safe.

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Even the regulation has a coronary heart

Escorts chairman Rajan Nanda and his younger sibling Anil are preventing whether or not the Escorts coronary heart institute should be sold. Anil says it is a charitable group and can’t be put on the block. He is making plans to sue his brother. But not one of them hooked up attorneys, who spend as tons of time at p3ps as in courts, are inclined to take the case. The cause: executive director Dr. Naresh Trehan. Trehan’s services are always wished in subjects of the coronary heart, and the 45-plus attorney foyer cannot come up with the money to rub him the incorrect way.