Selling your first home is both thrilling and nerve-wracking. You want to get the most possible for your house, but you fear how long it’ll be on the market and if people will try to haggle with you far too much. Deciding to sell your home is the first step into a long path that hopefully ends with you having far more wealth to your name! Here’s how to start that journey so that you can move on to your next home.

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Get An Estimate

Although the first thing you may think of when selling your home is to try and clean out everything and get your house ready for viewers: you’re jumping a couple of steps ahead! First, you should try to get an estimate to see how much your home is worth. Although you can gather some general ideas by looking at comparable homes in your area, you should get an official estimate to have a clearer view. You can pay for these, but you could also ask an agent or realtor, “What is my home worth?” instead.

Consider An Agent or Realtor

Think about whether you’d like an agent or realtor. For most first-time home sellers, this is an excellent option since it will give you the chance to learn the ropes. Talking to a professional who can lead you through the steps will help you feel more sure about your decisions and avoid mistakes like covering closing costs while in a seller’s market. Unfortunately, their good work isn’t free, and you will have to pay three to six percent of your home’s cost to them.

Cleaning Up or Remodeling

It would be best if you deep cleaned your home before you sell it. This action means fresh paint, scrubbed grout, and a yard that sparkles. Many people go even further, staging their homes to have a touch of sophistication and style. Taking the time to stage your home will give you an advantage, making your house sell faster and for more money. Others push it further, working on their home with repairs and remodeling to add even more value. You should avoid doing this if you can’t afford to, but remodeling a kitchen or bedroom has been shown to add value to nearly every property.

Timing The Sale Correctly.

Don’t jump into selling your home without keeping an eye on the market. If your local market is buried in a buyers’ market, and you have time to wait it out: do it! The market can change and curve when you least expect it, so pay attention to local trends and attempt to put it on the market at the best timing. There’s no guarantee it’ll sell well even during the best sellers’ market, but you can try to put your best foot forward. From here, you have to list it! Haggling with buyers, dealing with inspections and fees are all a large part of this process. Make sure you start this off on the right foot, and you’ll have that house sold in no time!