Hello, welcome to Awesomely Alicia, my blog where you’re about to find that awesome eating can truly turn your life around! Trust me; I used to live on toxins. I was bloated and tired with short hair. It was only after an almost fatal popcorn overdose that I discovered that natural, clean eating really is the key to a happy, healthy, and all-around insanely fabulous life in London’s Notting Hill. I live here with my divine banker husband and beautiful blond kids whose favorite thing is helping mummy make her anti-inflammatory courgette spaghetti with fermented turnip shavings, mood-enhancing cacao, and sprouted hemp salsa. Kids really can learn that true happiness means eating right! Although I’m not saying regular sprinklings of my own Super Brainy Dust (featuring hand-gathered volcanic ash with heirloom coconut flour and Mexican limpet milk extract) haven’t helped!

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So the secret to awesome eating is: there is no secret! Just learn to love yourself. Listen to your body. Then enjoy becoming happier and blonder every day. I do! All I had to do was give up gluten, sugar, salt, alcohol, red meat, tap water, unsaturated fats, potatoes, and poisonous processed foods, and switch to scrupulously sourced natural plant food grown on uncontaminated soil tended by farmers who use ancient Californian methods to produce dream veggies glowing with liver-cleansing antioxidants. Simple Top Theto!

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If you’re willing to give up paid work, which I totally recommend if you’re serious about your skin, it takes no time to prepare insanely delicious. Still, mega-healthy recipes such as my dreamy holistic breakfast strengthen sluggish ovaries: bone broth and almond milk smoothie with home-smoked sea vegetables and organic gold dust to refurbish the heart and improve abstract thought. It’s awesomely satiating and takes only 10 weeks to prepare! Meditate for three hours afterward, and your mind and body will be ready to build your own smokehouse for tonight’s super-energized menu – all recipes in my fifth book. Let’s take this amazing journey together; love and happiness from Alicia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx