Eight years ago, the Obama administration chose an open-source content material management system to energy the whitehouse.Gov internet site. In 2017, the Trump management also chose an open-source CMS, albeit a special one from what has been in use since 2009.

In October 2009, the open-supply Drupal CMS became selected to electricity the whitehouse.Gov internet site, a pass that turned into heralded at the time as a large win for both Drupal and open source. With enormously little fanfare, the whitehouse.Gov website was relaunched on Dec. 15 using a WordPress CMS, instead of Drupal.

Although there was no official declaration on the whitehouse.Gov internet site, a simple examine the source HTML code for the web site gives sufficient evidence that WordPress is being used. For instance, WordPress websites use listing and record naming conventions with the prefix “wp.” Perusing the brand new HTML code for the whitehouse.Gov internet site also exhibits a unique subject matter model. WordPress separates content material from format thru the use of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)-based themes. The subject that now powers the whitehouse.Gov website is aptly called “WhiteHouse” and is presently the use of version forty-five, a reference to Donald Trump being the 45th president.

As to why the whitehouse.Gov web page moved from Drupal to WordPress, the number one motivation appears to be money. According to a record inside the Washington Examiner, the move to WordPress is all about fee-saving, with the relaunched web page saving U.S. Taxpayers a predicted $three million a yr.

WordPress is an open-source assignment this is led via a worldwide network of volunteers. The code is free to be had for everyone to run on their very own, and there are numerous firms that offer WordPress offerings to assist deployment. Among the corporations that assist WordPress is Automattic, that’s led by the aid of WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and operates the WordPress.Com website online. There is also a U.S. Government connection to WordPress, with WordPress lead developer Andrew Nacin operating for the U.S. Digital Service.

“I wasn’t concerned in this,” Nacin wrote in a Twitter reaction approximately the new WordPress White House website. “I paintings on public-dealing with virtual offerings like veterans making use of for fitness blessings or immigrants making use of for citizenship.”

Although Nacin becomes not worried in the improvement of the WordPress-powered whitehouse.Gov web page, he does have some critiques on how the web site compares with others inside the U.S. Authorities.

“It’s an important content material web page, and is excessive profile, however, it lacks foremost capability seen someplace else—there aren’t any forms for site visitors to fill out or benefit packages to technique,” Nacin wrote.


In transferring from Drupal to WordPress, the White House is becoming a member of a massive network of organizations that depend on WordPress. In reality, WordPress is one of the most extensively deployed CMS technology on the net these days, powering 25 percentage or more of all websites, in line with some estimates.

The maximum recent WordPress replace four.Nine.1, debuted on Nov. 29, supplying incremental protection fixes and improvements.

A middle characteristic of WordPress because the three.7 release in October 2013 has been automated updates for incremental protection fixes. The potential to routinely replace WordPress sites for incremental security updates, without consumer interaction, is an essential functionality that eWEEK wrote at the time of the release as being a center basis for mitigating security risks.

Overall, WordPress had most important function releases in 2017, with WordPress 4.Eight on June eight and WordPress 4.9 on Nov. 16. Both releases delivered new features to assist make WordPress less complicated to use and manipulate, even as also improving each the safety and balance of the platform.

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