Facebook is definitely the best platform to promote almost any type of content. Thanks to the billions of users who make it easy for the creators to showcase their products. However, when it comes to promoting content, it takes a hell of a lot of experiments. Like you cannot just post a link on Facebook and hope for people to click on it.

Improve your quality score

If your main goal is to profit from it, then Facebook ads are the only ones now. But the question is, what are some of the best ways to help you promote your content with Facebook Ads? If you do have this question in your head, then read on. And we will explain some of the top ways which will help you with the content promotion.

Top Ways That Will Help You In Promoting your Content with Facebook Ads:

Improve your quality score:

Whether you are running a Facebook Ad, Twitter Ad, or Google Adwords, quality score is the most common matrix that you should focus on improving. However, each platform has a different name for this quality score. For example, Twitter calls it Quality Adjusted Bid. Talking about Facebook, well, Facebook calls it the Relevancy score.

Now the question is why this quality score matters so much?

The quality score plays an important role in the advertisement. If you have a high-quality rate, you will get more ad impressions even when your ad budget is pretty low. Even on the other side, you may not get an expected ad impression with a higher ad budget because of the quality score.

So the question is how do you improve quality score?

Improving quality score is not that complicated. There is a total of three things that you could do to improve the quality score, and yes, it is not that hard. First of all, you should focus on posting quite a lot of content. Plus, you should post them often to remain the engagement’s level consistent. For this, you can use some best Facebook auto poster 2018 tools to schedule your posts. The second thing that you need to do is make people share your content through your website. You probably have seen all those social media buttons on different blogs.

So you have to use those buttons to share your content on Facebook. Even you can ask your friends to share the content with you. Or you can focus on creating content that is worth sharing. The last thing that you can do is ask some of the popular pages on Facebook to share your content. Just manually approach them and ask for a share. However, they may ask you for some bucks in return, but it is still worth trying a trick. Since that big page gets a huge number of engagements, it will help you get engagement on your Facebook page.

Catchy Headline and Featured Image:

Even after spending lots of bucks on Facebook ads, you may not get expected results. The reason behind this is that Facebook is an overcrowded place.

Promoting your Content with Facebook Ads 1

There are already lots of advertisers are promoting their content. Hence, as a result, the users are most likely to ignore your content. However, to grab their attention, you can use some attractive featured images. Something that can attract the user attraction.

However getting a click from those users are still a crucial part. For this, you can write a catchy headline. A headline that forces the users to click on your Ad. For example, if you are thinking of promoting a product review article on Facebook and your title is “The Product Review – Is this the best in the business?.” Now, as you can see, it just does not sound unique, and people on the internet are more likely to ignore it.

But what if you make some tweaks on the headline and make it as “5 Features that make this product awesome.” Much better right? Even these types of titles have a higher CTR rate compared to simple headlines. If your only purpose is to drive traffic, then the overall content can be low quality. But make sure with the headline and featured image, you are doing your level best.

Skip The Link:

There is a common mistake that most of the people make while adding links to their Facebook page. They add the link and directly hits the post button instead of making changes. However, this is something that you should avoid. It makes the post look unprofessional and not really advertisement-friendly. To avoid it, all you should do is paste your link and let Facebook fetch it. Once done, remove the link and you are good to go.

Don’t Just Post A Link:

Another common mistake that many people make is simply to paste their link and hit the post button.

Promoting your Content with Facebook Ads 2

However, this decreases the CTR rate. Instead, you can write some short paragraphs while posting something on your Facebook page along with the link. This way, the user will get a clear idea about what your content is about. And on the other hand, it will eventually help you get a high number of CTR. You can post some small description or a quote from your written content. The bottom line of the story is, your goal is to bring clicks. So you should focus on writing a great description that does the job.

Target the right users:

On Facebook, there are lots of users with different users, and now everyone is interested in your content. So why waste your ad money on those users who are not even interested in your content?Promoting your Content with Facebook Ads 3

Instead, you should focus on people whose interests match your content.

For example, if you are a digital marketing company. Then you should target people who are interested in SEO, Web Development. Instead of targeting people who are interested in movies or arts. So that was all for the article. If you have any doubts, then feel free to leave a comment below.