Rocketship Education Uses Instrumental Education Models to Train Scholars

As a parent, the first step in raising your child is realizing that they are entirely dependent on you. As such, you must also recognize that your child needs a strong foundation in the entire learning process. This implies that your role entails teaching and assisting your child in grasping the educational, physical, and emotional aspects of life. Alongside acknowledging that your child needs a solid education foundation to excel in life, it is critical to note that a parent’s roles in a child’s education go beyond paying tuition fees. Therefore, as your child grows, perhaps the second most vital decision you must make as a parent is selecting the right school for your children. If there is one education platform that has rightfully claimed its title in the industry of education, Rocketship Education tops the list.

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Describing the Group of Schools

Behind the foundation of this school is Preston Smith, assisted by John Danner. First launched in San Jose, the education center has vastly developed into an excellent institution that mentors students from all walks of life. Moreover, with its founders’ leadership and team leaders, the public charter school disseminates necessary knowledge to its students through the school syllabus.

Mission and Vision

Besides the education model, the institution has a bold purpose of getting rid of the achievement gap between families and the available resources. Moreover, with a continuous innovation that the institution has implemented since 2006, the management believes that while scholars need to be equipped with the syllabus knowledge, teachers must be empowered to pass this knowledge forward. Therefore, the school has created a comfortable teaching environment for the scholars and their tutors.


Moreover, the public charter school has rapidly expanded over the past few years. For starters, the institution launches more new schools annually. For instance, in 2014, the management launched a school in Nashville, Memphis, Washington DC, and Indianapolis. For that reason, the administration received more than 25,000 applications from low-income students in the same year.

The Impact

Since 2008, the group of charter schools has enjoyed working with about thirty graduate fellows, analysts, and tutors who have impacted the schools in the following ways:

• They have developed a school curricular for the institution’s expansion program. Moreover, this team has played a supportive role in training the principals and teachers about the value of leadership roles in a student’s life. In turn, their students had siphoned leadership skills and used the gained skills to improve their lives.

• The team has successfully chaired the strategic planning processes across different school networks, including developing the school’s syllabus to fit into student’s co-curricular activities.

• Over and above that, the institution and its management have annually analyzed vital financial data budgets for projects and their cash flows to plan for the recommended new expansions.

The Overview

Conclusively, Rocketship Education entails a network of K-5 public charter schools that primarily serve families that live on a tight budget. Moreover, these groups of schools are committed to excellence throughout the learning process. Therefore, the management applies a blend of traditional education models, adaptive technology in addition to targeted tutoring with the sole intention of educating masses of children alongside equipping them with the required life skills to survive in the career world.