The Department of Finance rejected a plan for a five-story extension of the Rotunda maternity health center in Dublin. The number of live births within the region turned into “falling drastically.” This intended the facilities of maternity hospitals in the location ought to “possibly, as a result, be underused. On February thirteenth, 1987, the Department of Health wrote to the secretary of the Department of Finance, searching for approval to go to gentle for the notion. Contractor John Sisk & Son has been the bottom gentle of six obtained, coming in at simply over £3 million-plus VAT.

Finance rejected plan for five-storey extension of Rotunda health center 1

Health officers stated the improvement turned into “essential to offer accommodation of a suitable preferred for the delivery of a contemporary obstetric service”. The new accommodation will update existing sub-well-known and antiquated facilities. This proposed improvement will not result in the supply of any more beds,” wrote principal officer S Benton.
The extension could encompass a 24-mattress unit, management region, and a brand new primary entrance at the floor ground of the then 230-yr-vintage Rotunda building and a delivery suite and a working theatre suite.

Finance officials wrote lower back in March in search of further information, along with the start charge projections on which the supply of the beds became based. In June, the Department of Health indicated that the overall outlay as 1990 would be £four.25 million, such as £258,000 paid to the end of 1986. They stated the start price inside the then Eastern Health Board area, which represented the Rotunda’s catchment place, had declined from 22.1 in keeping with 1,000 of the population in 1980 to 17. Five in 1985, much like the countrywide common decline.

This downward trend is expected to be much less steep in destiny years. There has been a gradual increase in the variety of stay births on the Rotunda given that 1984. The reasons for this aren’t easily ascertained however could be due to such factors as patient options, widening of the catchment place, or better catchment region delivery quotes relative to those for different hospitals.

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The Department of Finance eventually replied on July twenty-eighth querying the case for brand new centers on the Rotunda. The variety of stay births is falling appreciably in the EHB place as a whole, and the facilities of the maternity hospitals within the vicinity presumably need to, as a result, be underused. In the occasions, sanction for the undertaking would now not be warranted and should consequently be refused.

Finance rejected plan for five-storey extension of Rotunda health center 2

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