The Seahawks went into this game having now not lost a playoff sport considering that 2012 (through 2 factors) and no longer having lost a playoff sport at domestic due to the fact 2004! They have been the speak of the football fan global, unlike the final year’s march to the Superbowl when they were undisputed underdogs. They were healthy; they have been sharp; the stadium that day as they ran in became like a lawn of Eden in a sense. Now, Adam and Eve had been living in a real paradise – all was splendor, all became proper, no illness, no problems in any way, however, wait – Adam caught a glimpse of a few snakes off in the distance. Nevertheless, what should go incorrect?

Are you kidding? Inside the first area, the Seahawks had their self-assurance surpassed returned to them in the shape of green Bay’s 147 offensive yards to Seattle’s three yards! Intercepted twice, scored on 3 instances, and all within the first area. Adam idly stands by using as Eve falls for the deceptions of Satan, and everything adjustments. Now humanity is in for the fight in their very lives, earthly AND eternal.

Dangle on now; there is still hope. Even now, the miracle is starting to appear. Two times the Packers have the ball in the first zone and are using down the field confidently towards the pressured Seahawks – three instances in truth! And but two times, which includes once while it becomes 4th and aims at the two backyard lines, the Packers settled for a subject intention. If they had scored a landing either of these times, Seattle would have lost the sport. And even as Eve changed into pronouncing sure to the enemy, God had a plan to redeem humanity already set into the vicinity. It failed to seem like a great deal before everything, failed to really look correct in any respect in reality. Quite a listing of exciting characters in Jesus’ genealogy for sure! However, the miracle turned into starting.

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However, then, it gets worse. Through the quit of the primary half, Seattle has been intercepted once more, had been completely shut down on offense, and became in the back of sixteen – 0. watching the sport on television, you can see the countenance of the Packers players and coaches come to be greater relaxed, more confident, maybe a bit swagger. And the Seahawk fanatics? a number of them have been starting to go away the stadium! (glaringly no longer genuine “12th man” enthusiasts). It got quiet inside the stadium; this was no longer suitable.

So, Jesus came preaching and coaching, and a few listened, some even accompanied, however many sneered, even jeered! Many people were searching for something else, for freedom from the Romans. They failed to understand the itinerant preacher from Galilee promised them freedom from something so much greater. They did not take into account that a miracle was unfolding before their very eyes. Once in a while, it is simple to miss. However, just wait; it becomes approximately to blow up into records where even the naysayers might admit something profound had occurred.