One thing that is interesting about Singapore and has made Singapore noticed by many people from across the world is that it is a country that bans chewing gum, and aside from that, this country has got the best world-class airport that is always clean. If you plan to visit this country, we will take you through some of the Things I Didn’t Know About Singapore that might also surprise you.


The highest Alfresco bar and brewery in the world.

Did you know that Singapore has the highest Alfresco bar? If you do, you will have the right information. The city is home to plenty of rooftop bars that offer a wonderful experience to everyone. Raffles place is known to be the highest Alfresco bar in the world. If you love drinking and planning to visit Singapore, then the 1-Attitude bar at one of the top buildings will fulfill your desires. For beer lovers, Level 33 in Penthouse is the place to have fun. Level 33, located at Marina Bay financial center, is the highest brewery in Singapore. These are best for tourists as they offer a spectacular view of the city, especially sunset.

Tap water is recycled.

This water is called NEWater, is produced by recycling wastewater and treating the water through several processes. This is done to produce clean water that is safe for use in every home in Singapore. NEWater has been tested and approved to be safe for drinking and regarded as cleaner than other water sources. During your trip to Singapore, pay a visit to the new water plant to learn the science behind this process.

The city has 64 islands.

You will be surprised to find that Singapore comprises only 64 offshore islands surrounding the main island. The largest of this offshore island includes

  • -Ubin
  • -Pulau
  • -sisters’ island
  • -st john’s island
  • This is an interesting phenomenon that attracts millions of tourists worldwide to have fun, especially during summer.

Singaporean most of them live in public housing.

Something interesting in this great country is that unlike in many other countries in the world where the government has elaborate plans on how to subsidize public houses to cater for the low-income group in the society, things are different in Singapore Because the majority of them live in the public house which accommodates over 80% of the population.

This came to be due to land scarcity. Hygiene became a serious concern to the government of the day. They found that developing a long-lasting solution was to build one high-rise black that would accommodate all the villages and easily provide them with social amenities. This program took place between the 1960s and 1980s. Currently, a large number of Singaporeans own their home. Still, there were a set of rules implemented of the ethenic integration policy in 1989 to ensure the promotion of racial cohesion.

Tall buildings height limitations on

There are so many skyscrapers in Singapore. The reason behind this is to maximize the limited land available there. Still, with this, the government had to put measures in place in terms of height limit where no building is supposed to go beyond 280m, Especially when these buildings are very close to areas experiencing heavy air traffic. Initially, republic plaza and UOB plaza used to be among the tallest building in Singapore until the government actually granted permission, and Tanjong Pagar Centre was built and completed. Currentlyently, it is the tallest building, which stands at 290m and contains 64 floors.

Manufactured waterfall

In 1971 the first waterfall, which was actually artificial, was built by Jurong Bird Park, which has got a dropping height of about 30 meters, and it has been classified among the tallest artificial waterfall to date in Singapore; you can agree with me that your tour of this great country will not be completed without visiting such places because some of these artificial waterfalls act as a conservatory area that house various plant which some of them are indigenous from the tropical highland.

They speak Singlish, not English.

You should not be surprised to realize that most Singaporeans use exclamations such as “leh” and “lah” in their statement. It would help if you understood that Singlish is the main language that is used in Singapore most often in conversation amongst the Singaporean Singlish is a language that developed as a result of Singapore multiculturalism On the same note, something strange with Singaporeans is the refers to strangers, in most cases cab drivers such as uncle and aunties this is actually a respectful way of addressing the older people.

The first night zoo was opened in Singapore.

Also known as Night Safari, the zoo was opened in 1994, and since then, it has been attracting visitors from all over the world. It is home to more than 130 species of nocturnal animals. If you are looking for a fun thing to do in Singapore, then head to the first night-time zoo to watch wild animals in their natural habitat without barriers in the dark. The zoo allows people to watch animals when active after dusk. While here, you will get an opportunity to watch leopard forage, big cats, majestic lions, rhinos, and many others. There are tram rides that will take you around the zoo, so do not worry. Also, if the footing is your thing, then walking on the trails in this big zoo will get close to flying squirrels and enjoy observing noisy rhinos as they bathe. The zoo has become the leading tourist destination in Singapore.

Little India was a residential area to the Europeans.

Little India is one of the famous tourist spots in Singapore. Located on the streets, the noisy colors of the area makes a unique, charismatic ethnic district in Singapore. Both locals and Singaporeans experience the beauty of Singapore. Most people do not know that little India was a resident of the Europeans, and still today, some of the roads leading to this place bear the names of European families who once lived in this district. These were Clive Street, Cuff Street, Dunlop Street. The area was prominent to Europeans because of its proximity to Horse -racing courses offered at the Singapore sporting club, known as Singapore Turf club today.


These are just some things you probably didn’t know about Singapore and are very interesting, especially for those planning to take a trip to this beautiful country. For this and more information, kindly visit the Cathay Pacific website to update yourself.