On this unique version of Recode Decode, hosted utilizing Kara Swisher, Tony West and Eric Holder joined Kara onstage on the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign occasion in San Francisco to talk about the modern spate of sexual harassment allegations and the subsequent fallout, plus the continuing criminal demanding situations that still exist for Uber. West is Uber’s new general recommend, and Holder is the lawyer fashionable who investigated Uber’s enterprise dysfunction.

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Kara Swisher: Recode Radio affords Recode Decode, coming to you from the Vox Media podcast network. Hi, I’m Kara Swisher, government editor of Recode. You may recognize me as an undercover Uber driver, my alias is Sarah Swisher, but in my spare time, I speak tech. You’re paying attention to Recode Decode, a podcast about tech and media’s key gamers, massive ideas, and the way they’re converting the sector we stay in. You can discover extra episodes of Recode Decode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, or wherever you concentrate on podcasts or simply go to recode.Net/podcast for more.

Today we’re going to play an interview I performed at an event hosted with the aid of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign in San Francisco. I talked to former Obama management Attorney General Eric Holder and Uber General Counsel Tony West approximately the whole thing that has taken place at Uber in 2017. Let’s take pay attention. Thank you so much. I like your complete issue about allies and electricity, but I’ve been given to say that you actually must be in electricity.

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Tony West: I trust that.

KS: I’m the CEO of my employer. I boss around guys all day long, and it’s enjoyable, including my negative sons who have to position up to it. Anyway, I am properly called a grumpy older woman who makes existence hard for by and large white young guys of Silicon Valley.

Eric Holder: That’s proper.

But now I’m shifting on here; I’m expanding. In any case, we’re going, beginning with, the aid of speak about this idea of allies. But I do … It’s surely difficult for me no longer first of all the reality that you’re both concerned with Uber, which might be one of the maximum poisonous cultures I’ve ever visible in my … And I was there …

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