Every niche has its very own SEO challenges and opportunities. While well-known SEO articles can offer loads of perception no matter what quarter you’re in, they regularly can’t quite hit all of the nuances of a specific enterprise. So nowadays, we’re going to take a glance at one of my favorite sectors (to be a purchaser of)… eating places. While many of these tips can be tweaked to use in other sectors, they’re particular for this finding Purpose for a Good Life. But Also a Healthy One.

E of you who own or work with eating places. So permit’s dig in.

Neighborhood SEO pointers for eating places 1

Non-Disclaimer Disclaimer: In a number of my examples, I may be using an eating place neighborhood to me called Bard & Banker. This isn’t always a patron of ours; they’re definitely performing some matters well, and I wouldn’t say I like the usage of our personal clients in examples. Other than my having loved a few lunches there, we haven’t had any commercial enterprise dating. So this is a non-disclaimer for readability.

Restaurant search engine marketing tip #1: Google My Business

If you’re on Search Engine Land, you possibly have already got a Google My Business page (and, if no longer, there are some on-hand facts from Google here). That said, there are loads of new and non-obvious features beneath the hood of your Google My Business listing, and a number of them are only to be had to eating places!

Google Posts

One of my favored new additions to the eating place search engine marketing arsenal is Google Posts, that’s being rolled out to all agencies. You also can create events with a start and stop instances. When people appearance up your commercial enterprise, they’ll see your posts within the expertise graph on desktop but, possibly most importantly for restaurants, on mobile they’ll see something like With posts, eating places can not best advertise specials and events; however, declare plenty greater real estate on Google for free.

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Quick URLs

And speaking of saying extra real property at no cost, on August 10, an update to Google My Business rolled out that allowed businesses to feature extra hyperlinks to deeper pages on their site. While this functionality is open to all organizations, restaurants appear to get the fine of it. Where a lowly search engine marketing representative can handiest upload a hyperlink to an appointment scheduling page, restaurants can add additional links to their menu, order-in advance URL, and reservations URL. The result is something like:

Neighborhood SEO pointers for eating places 2

As you may see, those hyperlinks give you extra actual estate (in particular on cell), but, greater importance, they assist customers in getting to the part of your website online they’re maximum interested by, perhaps saving personnel time at the smartphone by using promoting the reservation page. And you’re even allowed to link to a page that isn’t in your personal area in case you use an outside dealer to offer some transactional capability.

Restaurant SEO tip #2: Citations

Citations are important for maximum, if not all, nearby search engine marketing, but in no quarter is it extra essential than restaurants. This is because citations aren’t only a neighborhood search engine marketing signal for eating places but also a stable traffic source. Sites like Foursquare and Yelp force widespread perspectives, direct calls, and traffic, and that they’re especially robust in queries for eating places. For this cause, I can’t propose strongly enough that you, in my view, declare and manage your FourSquare and Yelp listings, making sure that: