Nigeria is rustic with about a hundred and forty million inhabitants: a quick-growing u. S . A. With a near-vibrant economic system. The Country, over the years, has been bedeviled via corruption. The social material has been in deplorable condition, leading to unfanciful placements within the international index standards.

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Education is vital in human lifestyles; it is a device that enables government, private quarters, and informal units. For Nigeria as a country to forge beforehand, we need qualitative and important schooling. Over the years, the instructional device has been an ailment, and the future of our kids is in danger. The efforts of our founding fathers to make Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics strong seem to have long gone down the drain.

The state-of-the-art ranking of World Universities, locations the primary University in Nigeria- the University of Ife, a far off six thousand 3 hundred and thirty-four (6,334). Succor appears to have been found in foreign education. Countries like: U.S, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Finland, Japan, and so forth have the right educational gadgets. Acquiring training out of doors us of a is steeply priced consistent with use. Average training costs (BSC) of a few

decided on countries (excluding dwelling expenses) for undergraduate are the U.S $eight,000, UK 6,000 pounds, Singapore $four,000, Malta $20,000, Malaysia $1,000, Ireland 6,000 euro, Norway-unfastened, Sweden-unfastened, Germany-unfastened, Denmark-unfastened, Finland-unfastened, and many others. These fees when converted to Naira is: Malaysia N130,000,UK N1,four hundred,000,US N1,040,000,Malta N2,600,000,and so forth.

Free training- in all stages, is to be had in a few countries in Europe-Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Germany. In Sweden, all degrees of education are loose. The Swedish system includes now not the simplest conventional universities however, additionally unique kinds of

Teacher Training, Health Care Training, Technical Training, etc. Education investment is the responsibility of the Central authorities, regional authorities, and private pastimes. All establishments of better schooling fall below the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education besides the University Sciences (Ministry of Agriculture).

Higher training is divided into undergraduate research (mixed in a first diploma) and postgraduate research and research. Sweden has 39 accepted institutions of Higher education that provide established degree programs. The English language is a method of observing at a few universities, and international students can work and examine. Sweden has a boisterous economic system with a completely high in line with-capita profits. Nigerian students should take this possibility to study in Sweden.

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