WASHINGTON: Scientists are developing a novel technology that can economically convert fossil fuels and biomass into beneficial products, including electricity, without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Engineers at The Ohio State University in the US devised a system that transforms shale gasoline into merchandise together with methanol and fuel while consuming carbon dioxide. Researchers wrote in the magazine Energy & Environmental Science that the method could also be implemented to coal and biomass to provide beneficial products, researchers wrote in the magazine Energy & Environmental Science.

Coming quickly: A non-polluting fossil gas era 1Under sure situations, the technology consumes all the carbon dioxide it produces plus extra carbon dioxide from an outdoor source, they stated. The researchers have also determined a way to significantly increase the lifetime of the particles that allow the chemical reaction to transform coal or different fuels to electricity and useful merchandise over a period of time. This is useful for business operations. The same team has located and patented away with the ability to decrease the capital prices in generating gas gasoline referred to as synthesis gas, or “syngas,” by way of about 50 consistent with cent over the conventional technology.

The technology, known as chemical looping, uses metal oxide debris in excessive-stress reactors to “burn” fossil fuels and biomass without oxygen in the air. The metallic oxide affords the oxygen for the reaction. The researchers said that chemical looping can appear as a stopgap era that could offer smooth electricity until renewable energies, including sun and wind, become extensively to be had and inexpensive.

“Renewables are the destiny. We need a bridge that permits us to create smooth energy until we get there – something low-cost we will use for the subsequent 30 years or greater, whilst the wind and sun electricity end up the winning technology,” said Liang-Shih Fan, who led the assignment. The engineers also advanced chemical looping to manufacture syngas, which in flip presents the constructing blocks for several other useful merchandises together with ammonia, plastics, or maybe carbon fibers. Researchers stated that the generation gives businesses the use of carbon dioxide as an uncooked fabric for producing beneficial, ordinary merchandise. For today’s news, tech news, breaking news headlines and live updates, check out Gadgetsnow.Com.

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