Computers have been part of our daily lives for pretty a while now; however, after the crash, we move ballistic, and most of the time, we don’t know what to do and become calling a repair shop or our honest IT men. In this newsletter, I’ll list some maximum common computer issues and a short fix for them. Earlier than you hold, analyzing this text is for computer customers little to intermediate revel in, if you are computer savvy you’ll discover a number of the issues indexed here silly so that you could prevent from losing it slows, prevent studying now if you are a computer geek like me.

Common Computer Problems and Quick Fixes 1

Lack of power or no power at all

How typically you have been chatting away on MSN or navigating through the net and all of sudden your PC dies away. Initially do not panic then test to peer if the lighting are nonetheless on in your private home. Now test the power lead. If it wasn’t electricity reduced and the lights to your electricity lead aren’t on it’d have burned and you will want to buy a brand new one. If the lighting on your strength lead

Are on take a look at the energy light to your computer if they are off test the cable connection now and then even as cleaning you by accident touched causing it to be badly related for your computer which in became triggered the loss of energy. Computer users also want to be aware of their battery life, keep away from retaining it plugged in all the time. Use your batteries till they are jogging out, after which plug them into recharge. The less you leave your computer plugged inside the power delivery, the longer your batteries will stay.

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Software now not responding

That is totally not unusual trouble, particularly in case you use windows. While software’s forestall responding, the primary component to do is provide it multiple seconds to look if goes again to regular if not hit CTRL+ALT+DEL suddenly. You may take to window beginning display screen as soon as there choose project supervisor.”

You will be taken lower back on your computer with the undertaking supervisor’s talk field open, pick out this system that is not responding and click on “stop project.” This may be near the program allowing you to rerun it.

System freezing or striking on begin-up

Freezing or Handing is a time period used to explain whilst an operating gadget (OS) is strolling or loading and all of a surprising forestall. Again that is a pervasive problem confronted with the aid of home windows customers. It may take place because of a chain of causes. Missing or damaged gadget documents (ex: MBR boot report).

You are using home windows Vista or Home windows 7. By way of now, both include system recuperation options on their set up discs. If your PC did not come with an installation disc, you should restart it and boot into the advanced Boot alternatives that would display.

Pick out, restore your computer, and press input; follow the education till you attain the speaking field wherein you could choose to startup repair and viola. Now not that confident in doing this by yourself? Deliver your PC restore man a call then.

Viruses and Spears

Two wonderful net threats that might be a pain to address may be without problems to avoid nowadays. The public of anti-viruses, paid or freeware are pretty effective in protective your laptop towards these threats.

In case one of these breached your safety, don’t panic; test to look in case your anti-virus is up to date to its brand new version; if not, accomplish that and get it to test your computer in 99% of the cases it will hit upon the problem and eliminate it. To keep away from the few

problems from occurring again schedule periodical scan for your anti-virus and make you hold it up to date with the latest model. Please do not be lazy when you see the message that your anti-virus needs to be updated, leaving it for later. From my revel in as an IT mans for the past twenty years those are the most not unusual problem my customers come across and as you may in maximum cases you could fix them yourselves.

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