Securing the front door of your residential premises is one of the primary concerns that you must have as a homeowner. This is because the front door of your house provides the main entrance to your house, thereby escalating the need for securing it with the right safety measures. Enumerated below are some of the essential tips that you would have to keep in mind to make your front door more secure.

Essential Tips To Make Your Front Door More Secure 1

Opt For A Door With Solid-Core

One of the first things that you will have to keep in mind is that, as a homeowner, it is always a better option if you choose a front door with a solid core. This would mean that the doors would be more secure as they would be durable and tenacious enough to not give in to a break-in or any nefarious trespassing intentions that involve kicking in the front door. An easy method of checking whether or not the front or that you currently have is a solid core is by knocking on wood. Solid doors do not make a hollow sound; in other words, they will not echo through the structure of the door itself. If you happen to have any details or entry points on the solid door which can be used to break into your residential premises, you can always rely on door security professionals who can replace that area with solid wood, metal, fiberglass, or a wooden core.

Install Deadbolt Locks In The Front Door

You must have a deadbolt lock on your front door. A deadbolt lock operates by entirely prolonging into the door jam opening, which can be fortified by using a metal strike plate. This would mean that the deadbolt lock is practically impossible to break into. You also have to be certain that the bolt does not have any malfunctions or exposed exterior screws, as they can be manipulated externally to break into your house through the front door. If it is suited to your requirements, you might also consider installing an exit-only deadbolt that does not feature an exterior keyhole and can only be locked or unlocked from the interiors of your residential premises. In this manner, you would be eliminating the possibility of somebody breaking into your house or picking your front door locks.

Look At Your Existing Door Locks

If you do not want to spend a fortune in replacing the entirety of your front door, you can invest in improving the condition of your existing door locks. Inspect the current state of your front door locks to ensure that there is no possibility of a malfunction. Ensure that the cylinder guards around the locks, the strike plates, the wrenching locks, and the like are all in their optimal condition so that nobody can pry them open or pick the locks so easily. Upgrading the current lock system that your front door incorporates would also help you augment the level of security on your residential premises. You could even consider replacing your current peephole in exchange for a wide-angle peephole so that you can install surveillance over a larger area. If you are looking for a door replacement expert for your renovation project or any consultancies in the Toronto area, you can render the assistance of Euro Star Windows And Doors.