Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), whose foremost function is to manage and oversee the net area call registration manner, will soon make available internationalized domain names (IDN’s) inclusive of top stage domain names in Gurmukhi. This became found out by using Gurpreet Singh Lehal, dean of the Computing Sciences faculty and director studies center for Punjabi Language Technology

Punjabi University. As a result, human beings can be capable of creating websites with web addresses and email IDs in Gurmukhi. Thus one can have a complete domain call like Punjab university. Punjab in Gurmukhi script,” said Lehal. Before making available the top domain names in Gurmukhi to the public, he stated that the manner has to pass through technical and linguistic deliberations.

Internet domain names to be available in Gurmukhi quickly 1

“The domain call has to be a valid string based on linguistic traits of Gurmukhi. Care must be taken for visually comparable characters, canonically equal letters, and linguistic regulations of a consonant-vowel mixture have to be accompanied,” Lehal stated, adding that the security problems together with phishing assaults need to be looked after.

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In this context, a Neo-Brahmi Panel assembly was held at Colombo from thirteen-sixteen December. Lehal, under whose steering the linguistic and technical regulations for Gurmukhi script are being framed, had been mainly invited for the Colombo meeting by way of ICANN for giving his inputs. Lehal’s group is Harvinder Pal Kaur, Paramjit Singh Sidhu, and Boota Singh Brar.

The availability of internet site names in Gurmukhi and other Indian scripts will have the capability to convert the Internet into a genuinely global and multilingual tool. It can be an awesome start in the direction of the internationalization of the internet. It will even ease the migration of content exclusively in Gurmukhi and different Indian languages. If you plan to buy a treasured Internet domain call (usually one really worth the US $25,000 or extra), there are regulations that paintings to your advantage. Some are extra obvious than others.