Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), whose foremost function is to manage and oversee the net area call registration manner, is soon going to make available internationalized domain names (IDN’s) inclusive of top stage domain names in Gurmukhi.

This became found out by using Gurpreet Singh Lehal, dean of the faculty of Computing Sciences and director studies center for Punjabi Language Technology, Punjabi University.

“As a result, human beings can be capable of creating websites with web addresses and email IDs in Gurmukhi. Thus one can have complete domain call like Punjab university.Punjab in Gurmukhi script,” said Lehal. Before making available the top domain names in Gurmukhi to the public, the manner has to pass thru technical and linguistic deliberations, he stated.

“The domain call has to be a valid string based on linguistic traits of Gurmukhi. Care must be taken for visually comparable characters, canonically equal letters and linguistic regulations of a consonant-vowel mixture have to be accompanied,” Lehal stated, adding that the security problems together with phishing assaults need to be looked after.


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In this context, a Neo-Brahmi Panel assembly become held at Colombo from thirteen-sixteen December.

Lehal, under whose steering the linguistic and technical regulations for Gurmukhi script are being framed, had been mainly invited for the Colombo meeting by way of ICANN for giving his inputs. Other contributors of Lehal’s group are Harvinder Pal Kaur, Paramjit Singh Sidhu, and Boota Singh Brar.

The availability of internet site names in Gurmukhi and other Indian scripts will have the capability to convert the Internet into a genuinely global and multilingual tool and can be an awesome start in the direction of the internationalization of the internet. It will even ease the migration of content exclusively in Gurmukhi and different Indian languages.

If you plan to buy a treasured Internet domain call (usually one really worth the US $25,000 or extra) there are regulations that paintings to your advantage. Some are extra obvious than others.

Rule 1: Know who the proprietor (dealer) is

This involves know-how ‘WHOIS’ facts. The WHOIS data give you some touch facts for ‘Registrant’. Most of the time that is the proprietor of the area. Exceptions are in which the area is held not directly e.G. Thru an accept as true with, preserving organization, felony company.

Rule 2: Browse the website

It is incredible the number of folks that do not hassle to do that – something in all likelihood to mark you out as an entire novice purchaser right away. Open the web page in a Web browser and spot what is there. The content will give you an excellent guide as to whether or not the domain is on the market. If you don’t know what you’re looking at (e.G. The way to decide if the site is ‘parked’), get a few advice.

Rule 3: Negotiate direct

For high-fee domain names, I for my part think you should avoid using a third-birthday celebration like a domain dealer. Rather address the vendor (owner) direct. The supplier will often welcome sincere direct procedures.

Rule 4: Understand domain name valuations

The market for valuable domains is just like the marketplace for exceptional art i.E. Is cyclical, subjective and narrow. The vendor hopes to discover a customer who can construct an amazing long-time period business (brand) the use of the domain. The seller will constantly don’t forget the charge of alternatives. For instance, if you are negotiating with a supplier for the florida.Com domain name, then both you and the vendor can reflect consideration of alternatives consisting of myflorida.Com, florida.Us, florida.Net etc.

An additional method of valuation is to have a look at the income flow – if any – the area call presently generates. You also can try websites on the Internet (which includes estibot.Com) that try and fee domains. But a majority of these elements will still not get you to a definitive valuation of a domain call. There is no such factor. But they’re elements the vendor will be considering – so you need to think about them as properly.

Rule 5: Understand how the deal can be concluded

The sale is concluded with the alternate of registrant (the owner modifications from the vendor to you the customer) and often with the trade of registrar (the corporation that manages the registration of the area). Both adjustments need to be whole before the seller receives the cash. For high-priced domains, this generally entails the use of a 3rd-party escrow corporation. Pick one that is properly-mounted and not necessarily the least highly-priced. Their costs have a tendency to be very affordable for excessive-fee area call purchases.

I recommend you in no way take verbal or email agreements as definitive offer to buy/promote. If you panic the seller “But you already agreed in email – you ought to honor the deal in any other case I sue”, they can just disappear the domain quickly somewhere else. Make it clear proper up front – in preliminary touch with the dealer – that you endorse to use a 3rd-birthday celebration escrow corporation to seal the deal and that discussions prior to that you expect to be taken significantly but do no longer view as legally binding. That way, you’re some distance much more likely to get comfy negotiations and a dealer who does no longer experience you are trying to trick them.

Rule 6: Do no longer hide who you’re

Understand that the proprietor of a precious area call will get *plenty* of unsolicited inquiries approximately the area. Often those are blunt one-line emails “Do you need to sell ?. How a good deal ?” using public e-mail addresses like Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail. Avoid that fashion of conversation. If you without a doubt want to be anonymous, negotiate with an attorney or someone else you trust. Either manner, make the time to do a proper enterprise introduction up to the front. Otherwise the seller perspectives your touch as simply any other waste of time.

Rule 7: Make it private

People often say things in e-mail that they would in no way say in direct negotiations (face-to-face or over the cellphone). Be careful with e-mail. It is very clean to jot down something that reasons true offense.

When your technique the vendor, offer to talk to them individually over the smartphone if that is more handy for them. Beware of time zone differences – do no longer supply them a ‘friendly’ unsolicited phone name at 3 AM their time. Be careful approximately language differences – some domain name dealers can cope with the email of their non-primary language, however, might hesitate to speak over the cellphone in that language.

Rule 8: Understand what drives the seller

The very easy recommendation in any negotiating scenario. Some sellers personal a portfolio with hundreds or thousands of domain names, different dealers may additionally most effective own a few domain names. There can be extensively different motives for selling – some dealers may have sold a domain at quite a high price and really want a modest income or just want their money returned. Other dealers may also have a firm view of the profit they count on a site called they sold quite cheaply. Some human beings are distressed sellers interested in a quick deal, others are organized to take a seat on their domain names for the long-time period.