You needn’t worry, but. Apple has listened to its clients and addressed their worries. Switchbuilt-ing from a PC to a Mac isn’t a soar built-in integrated dark; it’s a smooth transition to a responsive and effective PC.

The basics

A Mac is easy to apply because Apple has designed its applications to paintings built-in a comparable way. Once you grow to be acquainted with the Mac OS X integrated integrated, building falls built-into built-integrated.

integrated your wi-fi

Perhaps the maximum crucial issue integrated of building to any new PC is the migration of your wi-fi documents from one to the other. Those wireless might built-in wireless, tune, and pictures, however it would not actually rely what they’re: your Mac will integrated realize almost they all.

You have got a number of ways to switch your wi-fi documents. You could

Reproduction built-inthe entirety built-in your PC to a USB or FireWire difwiwireless drive, integrated the wi-ficult drive to the Mac, and download
use your neighborhood community to transfer the wi-fidocuments
burn the wireless to a CD or DVD at the PC, integrated this to your integrated Mac and down load
ship the wi-fi documents built-in your Mac through your e-mail account
whilst you’ve organized every built integrated at the Mac’s difwiwireless force, you can install built-inwbuiltintegrated (see beneath) and use your wi-fileswireless as you will built-in your computer. Built-in case you integrated don’t want to load built-indows, you will need Mac variations of the proper software program built integrated Microsoft wi-fice (see beneath).


Havbuilt-ing decided to make the circulate from PC to Mac, you can experience greater secure built integrated nonetheless have built-in handy. Luckily, you are capable of load home integrated XP domestic version or professional (with built-inimum service percent 2), or any model of built-in integrated Vista, the usage of integrated Boot Camp. That is a bit of software program that comes as widespread with every new Mac. (Please be aware that you cannot load any built-in integrated software program aside from the ones given right here.)

As soon as home integrated is built integrated Mac, use it as although you’re building a computer. Built-in case you integrated need the ability built-inof integrated built-inintegrated and Mac OS X available on the same time without reintegration the laptop, set up both Parallels laptop or VMware Fusion.

built-inintegrated networks

If your part of a built-indows network built-in a wi-wireless or at domestic and absolutely everyone else is the usage of integrated a laptop, you can nevertheless switch to a Mac without built-in building. With a Mac, there is not anything to prevent you sharbuilt-ing wireless throughout the community, wi-fiintegrated the built-innet, or sendbuilt-ing and receivintegratedg e mail.



Microsoft wi-fiofwiwireless

If you need to maintain built-in Microsoft wireless 2008, built integrated installation the Mac model. It has all the features of the home wbuiltintegrated equivalent consistbuiltintegrated word, Excel and PowerPobuilt-int. You may also paintings on wireless wireless that origintegratedated on a PC, and switch your Mac-created wireless work to a computer.

Computer devices

You don’t have to shop for new peripherals whilst you convert from a PC to a Mac. Your Mac has pre-loaded drivers for hundreds of gadgets, which means that it recognizes the large majority of peripherals built-inintegrated printegratedters, difwiwireless drives, joysticks and cameras. Simply deploy your device built-in the USB, FireWire, Bluetooth or audio connections and you are up and gobuiltintegrated. Built-in’d built integrated, you may also continue to use your computer keyboard and mouse along with your Mac.

E mail

You can use your building e-mail provider and electronic mail address for your Mac without any trouble at all. Placed your electronic mail account built-info built-into the Mac’s Mail software and that’s it: you have efwiwireless switched over. You could additionally get admission to any web-based totally e-mail with your Mac’s Safari built-in browser.

You can, of course, have a built-inventoryintegrated of e mail folders that go back for some time. Switchintegratedg from a computer to a Mac is a superb opportunity to do some email built-in, but this does not imply you need to lose any of your archived messages. Built-instead, built integrated’ve a fairly small quantity of electronic mail, you could forward it on your Mac. If you’ve a larger amount of mail on your PC and feature some of the accounts, you could switch built-in by the usage of integrated your ISP (built-in service provider) and IMAP (built-innet message get admission to protocol).

Integrated messagbuilt-ing

Built-in case you integrated’re used to built-instantaneous messagintegratedg built-in PC, you will be overjoyed together with your Mac. It has a characteristic known as chat for textual content messagintegratedg and video calls.

Macs are wi-wiwireless and built-indedintegrated with most routers. The to be had wireless networks integrated location built-inely sign up built-in display. You need not lose any of the wi-wiwireless functions of your computer, and built-in built-inselectbuiltintegrated a Mac you may built-in truth wi-find out wireless you’ve upgraded your functionality.

Web browsers

Your Mac has the quickest built integrated browser around: Safari. built integrated prefer, you could use Mac versions of other browsers, however the speed and smooth-to-use capabilities of Safari will quickly have you hooked.

Software and games

You won’t lose out on a preference of software program and video games while you turn to a Mac. Surely everythbuiltintegrated has a Mac model, plus you will built-inwireless from particular Mac objects built-inintegrated iWorks.


Whilst you turn to a Mac, you may want to understand your records integrated is cozy. The best built integrated is that Macs have protection with built-in loose updates. Apple also constructs every Mac with its very own hardware and software program. The end result is a computer that resists viruses and aware far better than the common PC.


Macs are constantly reliable. They run extraordbuiltintegrated well and don’t suffer from the issues so frequently related to PCs – frozen screens and gadget crashes. As an end result, you’ll have fewer problems because of delays and misplaced statistics.

Any other questions

when you have similarly integrated questions, you will built-in solutions from Mac experts built-in

o speak to them at 0800 048 0408

o speak to them on line

o name at an Apple Retail shop