What Apple can not do on iOS (create a home display widget), it’s now doing on Google Android for its Apple song app.

Apple Music


Apple released Apple song for Android remaining November. nowadays, via an replace, users who’ve downloaded the Apple tune app now have the potential to manipulate it through a homescreen widget on their Android phones or capsules.

it is not anything breathtaking, however. it’s all approximately the introduced (or, instead, extra convenient) capability of the app that subjects, now not its layout. as an alternative of getting to carry out an additional faucet to open the app and manipulate one’s music, we will simply cross straight for the widget.

In truth, the widget is pretty simple.

Vicinity the Apple tune widget subsequent to, say, the Spotify widget and they may look nearly the equal. The album cowl is to the long way left. positioned to the proper and on the pinnacle is the title music with a ticker scrolling the album and artist. below this is the preceding, play/pause and forward buttons in my music.

The handiest actual distinction between the 2 widgets is Apple song’s coronary heart button so customers can let Apple recognize what music they like, a good way to help the app endorse destiny tracks better perfect to a person’s tastes about new apple music app .

Android Music Display


In keeping with the Google Play store description for the update, different additions (besides the widget) encompass:

Now you could upload songs from the Apple tune catalog to play lists while not having to add it to your library. you can additionally:

Control playback with a widget you could upload to your property screen
Redeem gift cards in Settings to renew your membership the usage of iTunes credit score
See what’s gambling on Beats 1 immediately from the Radio tab – while not having to music in
tap the call of the presently gambling music in Now playing to visit the album
See which songs are most famous on albums inside the Apple tune catalog

as with all updates, some bugs have been corrected as well. The stressful requirement in which Apple track pressured customers to feature music to their library earlier than truly together with the identical tracks to a custom playlist is now gone.


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Apple Music

For the time being, the app has 3 famous person score out of a touch under 55,000 critiques in apple stores. in the preceding replace before this, Apple added SD garage assist. nevertheless, missing, but, is Chromecast aid. with any luck, that function gets added inside the next update.

Home screen widgets still don’t exist on iOS, but that’s not stopping Apple from taking advantage of Android’s unique strengths. Today the company updated its new app with a new widget that can be dropped onto your phone or tablet’s home screen. It’s pretty basic (most music app widgets are, to be fair), offering controls for pause, skip, and going back to the last track. There’s also a heart, so you can help influence Apple Music’s future picks based on your tastes. Apple’s is the top widget in the above image, with Spotify’s Android widget below. The latest Apple Music update also gets rid of an annoying playlist quirk, where users were required to add music to their library before including those same tracks in a custom playlist. A few other changes make it easier to see what’s currently playing on Beats 1, redeem gift cards from the settings menu, and more. It has a 3.5-star review average, suggesting that many consumers on the Android side are at least willing to give Apple’s subscription music service a fair shot — probably for reasons like this. Last month, It was updated to support SD storage. One big thing’s still lacking, though: Chromecast support. New Apple Music subscribers remain eligible for a free three-month trial.

Now you can add songs from the Apple Music catalog to playlists without having to add it to your library. You can also:
– Control playback with a widget you can add to your home screen
– Redeem gift cards in Settings to renew your membership using iTunes credit
– See what’s playing on Beats 1 directly from the Radio tab — without having to tune in
– Tap the name of the currently playing song in Now Playing to go to the album
– See which songs are most popular on albums in the Apple Music catalog

Now, you can have a widget for the app on your homescreen. It’s nothing fancy; a 3×1 widget that shows the track info, playback controls, album art, and a like button. The widget is not resizable and I’m not sure if it’s just 3×1 on my device or in general but that means it doesn’t go from edge to edge and there is a 1×1 space left on the side, which is annoying. Other than that, you can now also redeem iTunes Gift Cards in the settings to continue your membership. The Radio tab now shows what is playing on the Beats 1 station without tuning in. You can tap on the name of the currently playing song in Now Playing to go to the album.

These are all changes introduced in the Apple Music app on iOS in 9.3 and it’s good to see them making their way to the Android app so soon. Android Play Store and Apple Music as Itunes are much more popular these days !

Lastly, the popular Music in an album now for both Apple and Android have a star next to them.