The destiny of mobile gaming is being shaped by using exciting new technologies that permit multiplayer gaming. This article is an interview that shows a dialogue between a cell industry weblog and the Managing Director of Viva La Mobile. It highlights both the cutting-edge nation of the mobile gaming market and looks to the destiny trend of multiplayer mobile gaming.

The Future of Mobile Gaming - Interview With David Kainer 1

Interviewer: Hi David, thank you for taking the time to speak to us. We had plenty of a laugh with Super Puzzle Bobble Multiplayer and cannot watch for Viva to drop any other hit! But earlier than we go on, can you please tell the readers a bit about Viva La Mobile and what you guys do over there?

So a little heritage first. Viva La Mobile is a cellular games developer and writer based totally in Sydney, which I co-based in 2003. We have a high-quality deal of experience designing and creating cell games of all kinds, but our uniqueness is multiplayer. We pioneered actual-time multiplayer on mobiles to use the features to be had on 3G networks and handsets. Early in our records, we decided not

to ignore the ‘low striking fruit’ stop of the market and attempted to offer something exceptional to mobile game enthusiasts. I actually have constantly wanted to keep Viva La Mobile’s position as an innovator instead of a follower. This may be unstable inside the cell video games industry; however, it’s miles sincerely extra fun for product improvement.

Interviewer: I actually have a love/hate relationship with the iPhone. I adore it as it’s unbelievably cool. Obviously, I hate it because it’s now not to be had in Australia, and the dearth of 3G makes me marvel at what Apple has been smoking. What is it about the iPhone that makes playing games so a laugh? Is there a terrific distinction between regular mobile video games and iPhone games? How do you suspect the iPhone will effect the Australian cell video games market whilst it finally arrives?

David: To be sincere, I have now not actually made a whole lot of attempts to investigate video games on the iPhone, possibly because I do not have one! However, my view is that the iPhone is little greater than a stunning excessive-end handset with games to match. This is much like Nokia’s new N-Gage-enabled handsets.

The games are probably wonderful, but it’s for a small portion of the overall market at the give up of the day. So when the iPhone arrives, it will sincerely seize a proportion of the market and probably carry the picture of cellular phone games inside the eyes of consumers, which is a superb issue. In this case, we plan to goal it as just every other phone among the loads we already try to attain. As for the dearth of 3G, I am still shaking my head in marvel; although I pay attention, it is coming very soon.

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