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20 best new Android apps and games this week

20 best new Android apps and games this week

Welcome to this week’s roundup of the latest, greatest Android apps and games, covering smartphones and tablets. Since the last roundup, all these apps have been released for the first time – i.e., not updates. All prices are correct at the time of writing, with “IAP” indicating the use of in-app purchases. You can read the previous Best Android Apps roundups for more recommendations, but if iOS is your platform of choice, check the Best iPhone and iPad Apps roundups. On with this week’s selection!


Apps RE: Shakespeare (Free)

Samsung is trying to find a new way into Shakespeare, working with the Royal Shakespeare Company on this Android app. Purists look away now: there’s beatboxing, 360-degree filmed scenes from Much Ado About Nothing, and a hip-hop v Shakespeare quiz. It looks good fun, though.

Crayola DJ (£3.79)

I’ve always associated crayons with DJing, haven’t you? Oh. Yes, the match between Crayola and the dancefloor may not be obvious, but the children’s brand’s latest app is still well worth a look for musical kids. They can blend loops and sound effects to create their own tunes, then mix and scratch them for an enthusiastic audience. That would be you, of course.

Halo Channel (Free)

Can’t get enough of Microsoft’s Halo games franchise? Here’s an official app to provide all manner of videos and tips, from documentaries made by the developers to let’s play videos from the best players out there in the community.

Hooks – Alerts for Everything (Free + IAP)

Hooks is well worth checking out if you’ve used apps like IFTTT to fine-tune the various apps and web services that you use. It’s a way to create alerts for yourself from … well, pretty much anything you want, from entertainment and sports to earthquakes and lottery results in Media Focus.

Mickey’s Super Rocket Shapes (£3.89)

This is the latest Android release from Disney’s Imagicademy series of educational apps for children. It’s not rocket science. Oh, wait! Okay, it is a bit: kids have to help Mickey Mouse build rockets then fly them into space via a spot of shape recognition and manipulation.

Streaks: Daily Habit Tracker (Free + IAP)

Whatever your daily habits, this app will help you track them. Obviously, it’s supposed to be for the good ones … You set up what you want to remember to do every day, then the app will notify you and keep track of your “streaks” – consecutive days when you’ve completed your goals.

Ivy Big Number Calculator (Free)

Here’s an interesting thing: an app produced by a team within Google using the open-source programming language Go – a proof of concept, possibly. Anyway, it’s a minimal calculation app that can handle complex maths with aplomb.

Sago Mini Toolbox (£2.49)

Sago is the sister studio to children’s apps publisher Toca Boca, and its apps are just as high-quality. This one has a DIY and crafts theme, with children able to virtually hammer, saw, and sew, among other activities.

Cloudifile (Free)

This could come in handy if you’re looking for more secure cloud storage for your files. Cloudifile’s desktop software synchronizes folders on your computer with Dropbox while encrypting them – and this Android app lets you access those while also uploading new files on the go.

Tuber (Free)

There’s a perfect YouTube app for Android: it’s the one made by YouTube itself. It’s a stripped-down app for just watching the channels you’re subscribed to. But some people prefer to find an alternative: if you’re one of them, Tuber may be worth a look.

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