So you just were given a new Android smartphone. You’ve likely grown to become it on, logged into a gaggle of apps, downloaded your favorites — Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. — and logged into them all as properly. But now it’s time to dive a bit deeper. If you’re setting up a telephone for the primary time, here are 11 apps worth downloading which you might have overlooked.

We’ve rounded up our favorite and maximum-used apps and utilities for the era we use each day. Check out our different choices for iPhones, Android phones, PCs, and Macs. We’ve also listed our favorite iOS and Android games for 12 months, and our top choices are PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

Exceptional apps in your new Android cellphone 1

I’ll be the primary to admit that using a password manager is greater work than using the identical, easy-to-type password repeatedly and once more. But it’s not that much more paintings when you get used to it, and it makes your bills a good deal extra comfy. Plus, those apps make it highly easy, mainly now that Android Oreo allows them to fill usernames and passwords into login forms automatically. Just keep in thoughts: you’ll need to start using those apps on the laptop, too. 1Password is my favorite (it’s a bit simpler to use), but LastPass has an unfastened version that isn’t missing whatever is important so that it can be the only initially.

Android doesn’t include an integrated podcast app, so in case you need one, you’ll need to go to the Play Store. But fortunately, there’s a superb one there: Pocket Casts. We’ve known this app as the quality podcast app for Android within the beyond and for the right reason. It’s well designed, smooth to apply, and consists of superior functions — like accelerated playback and silence removal — if you’re into that type of stuff. The app costs $four, which is nothing compared to the hours you’ll spend paying attention to podcasts in it.

There’s no quit to the variety of weather apps. However, it’s difficult to overcome Weather Timeline on the layout, especially on the app’s widget. It’s colorful and customizable, and in particular, it’s clean to examine. More importantly, it uses Dark Sky’s statistics so that you get the blessings of Dark Sky’s unique rain detection without purchasing Dark Sky. (That said, it’s really worth purchasing Dark Sky, too — nothing beats it for figuring out precisely whilst it’s going to start and forestall raining.) The app charges $1.49.

If you’re a really critical Twitter consumer, Flamingo is the app for you. The massive deal here is that it’s super customizable. For one, you can personalize the coloration of every major detail of the app and create your personal themes, which is absolutely needless but a first-rate touch. On an extra beneficial word, you could personalize the feeds you’re capable of swipe through on the house display screen — so I could add a particular list or a seek if I wanted to. The app additionally has an integrated “read later” function and a detailed muting device for customers and keywords. There’s a ton extra flexibility than that, and it most effectively charges $2.

Exceptional apps in your new Android cellphone 2

I actually have a love-hate courting with VSCO. However, I ought to admit that it has the best photo filters around. It has an awesome breadth of clear-out alternatives that’ll make your pix look towards the film masterpieces you anticipated them as, and it has some fundamental modifying equipment constructed beyond that to finish up your post-processing work. The disadvantage to VSCO is that the corporation at its back insists on changing its interface in new and confusing ways each couple of months. Some of the displays and icons are completely inscrutable. But the filters are so good you simply ought to address it.

This is Google’s different email app. It isn’t a big departure from Gmail, but it has several reachable functions that make existence a little more convenient if you frequently find yourself with a crowded inbox. Inbox mechanically kinds many emails into companies so that you can scroll proper past promotional emails and different things the app deems much less essential and recognition of the messages you actually need to study.

I didn’t comprehend my telephone was able to count my steps until I observed Google Fit. The app is pretty simple — and to be completely honest, I’ve in no way checked to look how correct it’s far — however, it gives the entirety I need: a quick and simple manner to get an idea of how tons I’ve walked every day. It lets you set desires, and you may set it up to computer virus you if you don’t reach them. The app also lets you realize how you compare two different humans to your location; that’s pretty neat.

One of the first-rate things approximately the use of an iPhone and a Mac is that a number of the iPhone’s notifications will show up for your computer, and you can even interact with them from there. There’s not anything like that constructed into Android. However, Push Bullet could make that show up. Install it on your smartphone, then deploy the computing device client on your Mac or PC, and your smartphone’s notifications have to get despatched via. Push Bullet isn’t perfectly dependable, but it really works more regularly than it doesn’t — and the function is too handy to bypass up.

Exceptional apps in your new Android cellphone 3

Android doesn’t come with a voice recorder (not stock Android, as a minimum). I’ve attempted a group of them, and this nondescript one from Sony is high-quality. It’s easy, it’s unfastened, and it has some sincere and simple options. One short word of warning: don’t record in the pinnacle first-class except you need it — it’s a pleasant choice. However, the documents soak up a ton of area.

If you’re a massive Facebook Messenger user, it’s worth thinking about Messenger Lite over the same old Messenger app. As the name implies, Lite is a stripped-down model of the app, casting off the bells and whistles that make the principal app form slow. As lengthy as you don’t thoughts losing out on some of the app’s greater complicated functions — polls, app integrations, and video chatting, as an example — you’ll be right here, and you’ll get a much quicker enjoy an alternate.

If you aren’t using Pocket already, it’s time to get commenced. Pocket lets you save articles that you find simultaneously by surfing the net, Twitter, Facebook, and so forth so you can study them later. If you’re someone who likes to study on their go back and forth or seize upon articles later in the day when you’re off work, Pocket’s the manner to head. Just pull up Android’s percentage sheet, tap the Pocket icon, and the thing might be anticipating you later.

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