A: My co-founder, Bart Conrad, and I commenced our careers at an organization referred to as DVM Manager, which changed into based in Versailles, and they did server-based veterinary exercise management software program. That organization turned into offered and relocated and in the end close down once we left about 10 years in the past. We wanted to begin something collectively, and we knew the space. We have been surprised by means of the opportunity that existed, so we simply jumped right in.

Q: You graduated from the UK. What became your predominant?

A: My undergraduate degree at the UK was in political technological know-how. And my graduate degree from EKU changed into in public administration.

Q: How did that training switch to the software commercial enterprise?

A: My masters has a public health consciousness. I experience coverage, and the records facet of it has continually been a hobby to me; searching at facts trends. Regardless of the context of the information, it’s something I enjoy searching for.

Q: We are here inside the “horse capital of the arena,” Central Kentucky. Did that impact your selection to the recognition of veterinary needs?

A: Absolutely. There are tons of possibilities right here because of the equine cluster within the place. And clearly, I’m a puppy proprietor, as Bart and most people inside the office are. It’s something that all of us experience obsessed with, so it’s just sort of a natural suit, bringing collectively that love of animals and the software program aspect of factors.

Q: Do you guys bring your pets to work?


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A: Not as plentiful as we’d like. We’re nonetheless looking to figure out how that works first-rate. We’re placed downtown, so I’m no longer positive that it’s a comfortable environment for the animals. But we’d love to find an area sooner or later that’s a bit extra puppy pleasant.

Q: Let’s speak approximately your purchaser base. It is probably apparent regionally, however as I apprehend it, it’s greater extensive than that?

A: Absolutely. Our consumer base is reflective of the market. It’s approximately eighty percentage small animals, 20 percent mixed and large animals. We do have clients in Kentucky of the route, but also across the united states of America and then 17 different international locations.

Q: OK. I’m a veterinarian. I need to apply Hippo Manager. What’s it going to do for me?

A: We’re an “A to Z” solution for vets. Everything from scheduling scientific statistics, factor-of-sale, billing, stock control, purchaser communications, emails, all those kind of factors. So, if you’re a new vet taking off a practice, you don’t have to buy a majority of these distinct kinds of the software program, on account that we’re cloud-based.

We’re pretty surprised at the barrier to access for folks that desired to start a brand new exercise, the amount of capital investment they must make just on the software program and laptop aspect of factors. We can provide a better answer.

Q: There appears to be growing interest in the midwest for funding in tech startups. In truth, this place is seeing increase wherein the East and West coasts are not. Are you seeing any of that locally?

A: Absolutely. We’re lucky sufficient with a view to increasing our money right here on the town. We had plenty of opportunity from out of doors, however, we felt that it was vital for us to be in Lexington and to stay here. So we wanted to paintings with neighborhood companions. A lot of human beings labored tough over the past several years to establish an entrepreneur-friendly climate and it’s worked genuinely properly for us to assist us to develop our business.

Q: Can you placed into phrases what it is that makes you need to stay in Lexington?

A: You recognize I suppose it’s nearly cliché at this factor, but it’s the exceptional-of-lifestyles issue. It’s a remarkable city. It offers a lot of the possibility and leisure that a much bigger metropolis has, however it’s nevertheless a truly small city so that you get a bit of each world. And it’s quite on hand. I suppose it’s a pleasant place to stay and it’s an easy location to get to different places from.

Q: What trends in your enterprise are you looking closely these days?

A: The migration from server-based systems to cloud-primarily based structures is obviously one that we’re very inquisitive about. It’s a hastily developing sector. People love their pets, they spend numerous cash on them, so it brings a variety of hobby from different regions and one of these is going to be regulatory.

We do prescription control wherein you may difficulty prescriptions through the device, printing off your labels and that type of component. As the arena grows, I think we count on that to turn out to be extra regulated and extra consistent with the human side of factors.

Some other traits include facts ownership and information possession rights. We accept as true with that the statistics belong to the vets. Not every agency in our space feels that manner. So, the control and law of the customers’ privateness and the practices’ privacy — who owns that information — go to be something we’ll see converting in the future.

Q: Is there any department between micro records that are unique to a veterinarian that for competitive motives they will not need to percentage with different vets, versus macro statistics that everybody is imparting that is probably beneficial to all?

A: Yeah. There are a few quite true overlap and grey regions among the 2. On the human facet of things, there are pretty clear divisions on what counts as micro and macro records that can be anonymized and those facts-units may be used for different things. On the vet aspect it’s no longer nearly as clean, so we follow the human version that is a miles greater strict interpretation. But we feel love it’s vital to give human beings that peace of mind — now not handiest the practices, but their customers, as properly, that is changing that facts we’re going to err at the side of privacy.

Q: And what are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

A: It represents a big financial savings possibility for oldsters and additionally, it’s a little counterintuitive, however, it’s also far extra relaxed surroundings. If you’re a cell vet and also you’re going to the field, you have got a computer with all of your information on it, and if any person has been to get into your automobile and take that pc, it’s long past and there’s not anything you could do approximately it.

We’re hosted with Amazon, so the entirety is constantly encrypted. You don’t have the server price or the upkeep value. You don’t have to set up networks. We have some clinics that have very complicated networks, they’ve were given multi-places wherein those things all hook up with each other and all the one’s matters can be very pricey to personal and perform. And we simply take all that off the plate for the vet that will truly cognizance on veterinary medicine and now not fear approximately such things as IT infrastructure.

Q: Are you awaiting growth in your business enterprise?

A: We had a clearly exciting yr with a variety of increase. I suppose that’s possibly going to be the fashion for us for the next 36 months or so. And as we’re gaining market proportion in special segments, being able to develop the crew wherein it’s appropriate. It’s been exactly what we desired it to be up to now with all signs still pointing in that path.

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