A: My co-founder, Bart Conrad, and I commenced our careers at an organization referred to as DVM Manager, which changed into being based in Versailles, and they did a server-based veterinary exercise management software program. That organization turned into offered and relocated and in the end closed down once we left about 10 years in the past. We wanted to begin something collectively, and we knew the space. We were surprised employing the opportunity that existed, so we jumped right in.

Lexington software company helps vets manage their enterprise. 1

Q: You graduated from the UK. What became your predominant?

A: My undergraduate degree in the UK was in political, technological know-how. And my graduate degree from EKU changed into public administration.

Q: How did that training switch to the software commercial enterprise?

A: My master has a public health consciousness. I experience coverage, and its records have continually been a hobby, searching at facts trends. Regardless of the context of the information, it’s something I enjoy searching for.

Q: We are here inside the “horse capital of the arena,” Central Kentucky. Did that impact your selection to the recognition of veterinary needs?

A: Absolutely. There are tons of possibilities right here because of the equine cluster within the place. And clearly, I’m a puppy proprietor, as Bart and most people inside the office are. It’s something that all of us experience obsessed with, so it’s just sort of a natural suit, bringing that love of animals and the software program aspect of factors collectively.

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Q: Do you guys bring your pets to work?

A: Not as plentiful as we’d like. We’re nonetheless looking to figure out how that works first-rate. We’re placed downtown, so I’m no longer positive that it’s a comfortable environment for the animals. But we’d love to find an area sooner or later that’s a bit extra puppy pleasant.

Q: Let’s speak approximately your purchaser base. It is probably apparent regionally, however as I apprehend it, it’s greater extensive than that?

A: Absolutely. Our consumer base is reflective of the market. It’s approximately eighty percentage small animals, 20 percent mixed and large animals. We have clients in Kentucky of the route, across the united states of America, and then 17 different international locations.