Premium economy class on Emirates has been in the news for a while. Last month, Etihad and Emirates revealed their excellent economy seats on all their long-haul flights. Now, Emirates has also launched its premium economy service and has started charging passengers a fee of $10. Is it worth paying for? We answer this question with our complete review of premium Economy.

The premium economy class on Emirates Airlines is more than just a fancy seat. In this post, we’ll show you the benefits of flying in premium Economy, the price of flying in premium Economy, and how much you can save by flying in premium Economy.And it’s not just any experience. It’s an exclusive experience you can only get on Emirates flights.

The premium economy experience starts in the sky with the Emirates Skywards program. We’ll explain what this is all about, what you need to earn Skywards miles, and how you can redeem them for upgrades to premium Economy.

Emirates offers its new Premium Economy on its Boeing 777 aircraft, which includes access to an extra premium lounge, recliner seats, and complimentary in-flight entertainment. In terms of cost, it’s a little bit less expensive than First Class, and a lot cheaper than Business Class. But the difference isn’t just price, as there’s a whole range of benefits to be had by those who choose to fly on this airline.

Premium Economy

What is Emirates Premium Economy?

Premium Economy is a whole class that is available on Emirates flights. It’s a private class that offers you a premium seat and a range of privacy features.

While there are no formal requirements to fly in premium Economy, the experience is intended for frequent flyers. That means you need to be a member of the Emirates Frequent Flyer Programme, and you’ll need to meet certain conditions.

The benefits of flying in premium Economy include:

  • An excellent seat with more legroom and fewer seats in front of you.
  • A range of privacy features, including a special curtain that blocks out other passengers.
  • Fast-track security screening.
  • Access premium lounges, including the sky lounge and other exclusive services.

You can choose to upgrade your premium seat when you book your flight. Upgrades are only possible during the booking process, so check your seat availability before you fly.

Prices for Emirates premium economy start at Dh 1,000.

How does Emirates Premium Economy work?

Premium Economy is Emirates’ premium seating category, available on all long-haul flights. It has no restrictions on the number of seats, unlike Economy, and there is no restriction on your baggage weight.

The key difference between premium Economy and business class is the quality of the service. While you can still buy food and drink in business class, you’ll also find a selection of snacks, meals, and beverages in premium Economy.

You can also expect a more comfortable seat, better Wi-Fi, and more legroom. You can still access the lounge if you travel with family or friends.

You can check out the Emirates website for more details.

What do you get with Emirates Premium Economy?

When you fly on Emirates, you will be treated like royalty.

Premium economy passengers receive priority boarding, priority check-in, special lounges, dedicated check-in agents, free food, beverages, Wi-Fi, and more.

It’s a complete experience, with the comfort and convenience of premium Economy as your backdrop.

Premium Economy is a separate class on Emirates’ A380 aircraft and its B777-300ER. It offers a comfortable seat and allows you to stretch out, recline, and enjoy the views.

You’ll be able to enjoy a drink, a snack, and a light meal at the fully-restored and spacious lounge.

And if you want to watch a movie, you can do that too.

Does Emirates Premium Economy cost more than Business Class?

Premium Economy is the most expensive seat on Emirates flights. But before you get excited, you’ll have to pay a premium for the experience.

Premium economy seats are usually located in the front half of the plane. They come with the same perks as the business class seats but are slightly more expensive.

The prices for premium Economy vary, but they are usually around USD 900.

Frequently asked questions about Premium Economy on Emirates

Q: Why is Emirates using an inflatable seat?

A: Inflatable seats are easier to clean and are more comfortable than normal seats.

Q: Will this product stay in Premium Economy, or will it return to Economy?

A: The inflatable seats will be used for Premium Economy. They were tested and approved by our cabin crew and engineers.

Q: Is the seat inflatable like a floatation device?

A: No, the seat is designed with a rigid shell.

Q: What will happen if we are not seated when the aircraft lands?

A: The seat will be turned off automatically.

Q: Will the seat recline?

A: The seat can recline for the duration of the flight.

Q: Is there an emergency exit in case of an emergency?

A: Yes, the seat has a door leading to the aircraft aisle.

Top myths about Premium Economy on Emirates

  1. Premium Economy on Emirates is for frequent flyers.
  2. A frequent flyer’s seat is a more expensive one.
  3. A frequent flyer’s seat has better comfort than economy class seats.


Let’s start by looking at what it is. In short, premium Economy is a service provided by Emirates Airlines. It’s an upgrade to the standard economy seats.

While this is only a small difference, the cost does add up. You can see the differences below:

What does it mean for you? It means you can enjoy all the comforts of first class without paying for a ticket. And since Emirates Airlines provides complimentary refreshments and drinks, you won’t even need to pay for a drink!