If you are trying to build your brand with some clean content, your first prevent maybe WordPress.Com or Medium, or you could choose Wix (the favorite of part-Victoria Secret version, part-coder Karlie Kloss).

CEO AJ Frank would, as a substitute you select Verst to submit, manipulate, and monetize your words (from everywhere, including your cell phone) and, in reality, recognize your target market. SEE ALSO: 50 million-greenback commercial enterprise ideas you can release for cheap (or maybe unfastened)

Just over a yr vintage, Verst launched several new capabilities Wednesday that encompass paid subscriptions, homepage designs, a cheaper pricing tier, content material migration from WordPress, and email transport.

This startup wants you so that it will publish your blog 1

Frank formerly worked as a senior product manager at Uber, the general supervisor at Vine, and in new business development at Google. So, he’s quite acquainted with getting humans online, particularly on their smartphones, to click, scroll, and watch.

While competitor websites like WordPress, Medium, Wix, and custom-made websites seem considerable, Frank said he and his crew saw a want for a mobile-centered and facts-empowered answer.

“We’re a totally featured publishing platform, for professionals, not simply hobbyists. We want you to very own your audience — the way which you gained’t on Facebook — and use Verst as your important hub,” Frank stated.

The brand new update lets bloggers placed a number of their content material behind a paywall, offering a manner to earning profits beyond digital advertising additionally offered on the website. Bloggers take 90 percent of the sales.

Verst is less of a drag and drop experience like Wix and now not just a one-option simplest version like Medium. Instead, like WordPress, users can choose among a handful of layout alternatives that can be easily altered. Unlike WordPress, Verst is well-designed and has a cellular app for publishing.

“Our primary [priority is] making it less difficult to use and hold a site,” Frank said. “We have a mobile solution, in which we want any publisher so that you can find paintings off their phone or their tablet.” Frank didn’t reveal what number of users they have however pointed to some famous pages. For instance, Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, guides the organization and runs his blog with Verst. He shares some blog posts on LinkedIn too. Political pundit and activist Ian Capstick, YouTuber Chris Klemens, and intellectual fitness app Stigma additionally use Verst.

What Verst cannot guarantee, Frank stated, is constructing you a target audience.

While Medium has an integrated social network thing, Verst acts in reality as your touchdown web page. For example, it’s as much as you to the percentage of the web page on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Verst does help with search engine optimization to improve your Google ranking and affords different audience insights so you can be smarter approximately whilst submitting.

Of course, content hosting isn’t loose. Verst has been charging $29 in line with a month for the complete enjoy however is also introducing a $12 consistent with the month tier.

Next up for Verst is supplying more insights and hints. A cellular notification of the Verst app may also endorse while might be an excellent time to submit and perhaps even post or share automatically in the future.

This startup wants you so that it will publish your blog 2

“We may not be best an area you could publish and examine analytics; however, also a train for you. The more you put up, the perfect it’s far to build a target market,” Frank stated.

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Every time you write a submission to your blog, you write brilliant content. You spend time on that content, and it has the actual price. Why now not put it up in an e-book?

Seth Godin, the grasp blogger, has published remarkable numbers of books the use content material he previously published in blog posts. Each bit of his weblog posts can and does display up in an e-book at one point or different. Shopping the bookshop, I flipped through a copy of one book and realized… I’ve examined all of this before. I offered the e-book. It was contained among the covers, all that know-how in a single spot.

Then the concept slapped me upside the pinnacle, and I realized I could have been doing the identical thing most of these years. Yay me! Instead of suffering to WRITE a BOOK on the side, I might be publishing my weblog content material into books.

What approximately you?

Do you have content worthy of recreating right into a poster book?

Tricia Lott Williford published her blogs right into an ebook – albeit edited, rewritten, and formatted right into a continuum that offered perception into situations like hers – however, an ebook. The idea sprung from writing every day.

In reality, many bloggers have pulled treasured content material from their blogs, edited, rewritten, or resculpted their posts, and became them into books. Some writers, such as Krystine Kercher, format weblog posts into that precise concept line and write chapters in their e-book as blog posts you could examine. And what a cowl! Then submit the ebook with all the chapters, so you have it in one fantastic nicely-sure presentation.

Even if your blog has an outstanding cover, the design of your book cover can improve the marketability of your ebook. Purposeful design is continually an alternative to the random header and blog branding that takes location on your internet site. Why no longer enhance the logo with a super ebook cowl?

Plot your blog for ebook –

This startup wants you so that it will publish your blog 3

There’s a secret to writing blog posts for publication, and I’m going to offer it to you right here:

Have a plan for each blog submission.

Create an outline and add your blog post to a specific part of the book report. Fill up your outline with articles you write for your blog. Submit your report (the one in which you publish all your blog posts) to a publishing organization online – I use KDP Amazon to put up my eBooks. When you sit all the way down to write a blog publish, if I’ve discovered something over time from Jeff Herring, the content man, it is they want to have a plan. Not most effective have to your blog submit offer top-notch fee to the reader; however, it needs to be an installation in a prepared way, so the reader acknowledges the fee of what they’re reading right away. Don’t lead readers astray – give them what they want.