Google Research has launched three new pictures-based totally mobile apps showcasing the corporation’s modern-day experimental technology.

Available variously for Android and iOS, the brand new apps are the first in an ongoing collection of what it calls photography ‘appsperiments’ which the organization defines as “usable and useful mobile images reviews constructed on experimental generation.’’

These technologies include item popularity, individual segmentation (think ‘portrait mode’), stylization algorithms (suppose ‘Prisma’), and green picture encoding and decoding techniques. More importantly, they’re quite a number of fun.

Storyboard (to be had on Android) takes existing video clips out of your cell phone and converts them mechanically into stylized comic book layouts. The app searches for the most thrilling moments within the video and lays them out earlier than making use of one in every of six built-in styles. You can’t edit the consequences (this app is ready fun and experimentation, now not expert comic e-book manufacturing), however, a single downward swipe on the display will generate a new comic strip. Just keep swiping down till you get one you want.

The results are quite powerful but can, despite Google’s declare of ‘up to 1.6 trillion one-of-a-kind possibilities’, come to be repetitive as a substitute quickly. The ability to feature textual content and tweak layouts might enhance the app immeasurably. Maybe they’ll add that one day.

Bellissimo! (available for Android and iOS) creates a selection black and white selfies in the form of an automated photoshoot, whole with encouraging words from the ‘photographer’.

A tap on the screen starts offevolved the picture shoot which encourages you to strike poses, automatically taking a picture each time you forestall moving. Between photographs, it every now and then presentations messages inclusive of “Strike a Pose!”, “Hot!” or “You’re magical!” earlier than eventually supplying you with a contact sheet of snapshots you may proportion as a set or in my opinion.

This app is sure to raise some laughs, however, is ultimate as a substitute gimmicky. It does, however, serve as an indication of Google’s great prowess in image processing and stone-bloodless sarcasm.

Personally, I can see this concept growing similarly into something greater useful. For example, the use of system mastering to detect terrible posing techniques and provide the meaningful course to the version (you) along with “chin down a piece”. “Turn to stand the mild” or “wipe that stupid pout your face.”

Finally, Scrubbies (currently available for iOS handiest) helps you to create video loops from the maximum exciting bits of your movies. Google shows that you may want to ‘highlight moves, seize humorous faces, and replay moments’ – and who wouldn’t!

The app works via swiping left and proper on a video clip with one finger to play the video or with arms to seize playback so you can keep it.

The result is something like a ‘Boomerang’ clip however with extra sophisticated control over the motion in the video. Unfortunately, this app suffers from its inability to apply pre-present footage. You can best create a ‘Scrubbie’ from footage shot within the app.

It stays to be seen whether or not any of those new ‘appsperiments’ will replicate the viral achievement of apps like Prisma or Meitu, however, it certainly doesn’t rely on both manners. What we’ve here are virtually early glimpses of Google’s ultra-modern thoughts which can also or won’t locate their way into mainstream merchandise. For now, they’re just a bit of fun

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