The Need for Balance When Dealing With Security and Productivity

Recently, Jack Shepherd did an article about the four things that manufactures need to do in order to keep their client’s private information safe while maintaining high productivity. There are major challenges that manufactures face when it comes to digital changes. These challenges are the following: managing permissions of a large quantity of users and apps, and managing security of clients. If a company is savvy, it recognizes the importance of making large digital transformation. These transformations enable its clients to seamlessly order products, contract services, and get access to their accounts. Companies do well to have an IT team of innovative individuals who can develop a strategy to manage access and identity.

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The Structural Complexities of Third-party Access

Users throughout a large enterprise can attain accesses data and applications on company websites. This can make it difficult to maintain security on multiple levels. The reality is that around 1/3 of enterprises provide authorized access to their users, so it is vital for manufactures to have a good system that can distribute and monitor access to apps and websites. Apart from that, it is essential for manufacturers to understand the threat that hackers can pose to their clients.

The Truth About Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks can be extremely costly to a company. Not only can they be costly because of the monetary expense, but the loss of trust from clients can be devastating to a business. Businesses have access to financial information, agreements, documents and personal information from customers. At the same time, manufacturers are seeing a high volume of attacks when it comes to small and large businesses. It is possible that one data breach can cost a company between $190,000 and $750,000. Since that is the case, manufacturers do well to take every measure in order to keep their client’s information private.

The Expense of Traditional Identity Management

While companies want to maintain a high level of security, they still have to be able to turn over a profit. Hundreds of thousands of users are going onto applications and websites each day, so an identity theft management system has to be complex and skillful. It has been estimated that the operational impact of a complex identity management system can cost manufacturers upwards of $3 million.

Is There a Way to Balance Security and Expense

Even though savvy company maintain the highest level of commitment to their customers privacy, there has to be a balance solution when it comes to keeping privacy and earning a profit. This solution comes from OneLogin. OneLogin offers a Single Sign On and a Multifactor authentication system. This systems is also known as MFA & SSO. The Single Sign On feature is an amazing solution when it comes to usability and privacy. All that a user has to do is enter one set of credentials in order to access all of their apps and websites. The Multifactor authentication system is able to protect against unauthorized access to important information. Apart from that, it protects any organization against cyber attacks. These systems of MFA & SSO are designed to be cost effective and extremely reliable.