THERE is no gainsaying the reality that the name of General Abdulsalami Abubakar (retd) will no longer be forgotten in a hurry when Nigeria’s records are written. What comes to thoughts whilst Abubakar’s name is mentioned is his ability to calm frayed nerves when it changed into thought the state may not go back to democratic rule.

The death of former military Head of State, the late Sani Abacha, afforded Abubakar the possibility to write down his call in gold. He became a stabilizing parent when the state’s socio-political atmosphere was gloomy.

Indeed, while his colleagues chose him to pilot the affairs of the country, it become call to duty at a time of countrywide misery. Also, upon Abacha’s death, many had idea he would perpetuate himself in office as is commonplace with the army junta. Stabilising figure But he allow doomsayers down because some days after assuming office, Abubakar promised to behavior elections within a year and transfer strength to an elected president. As a way of actualising this feat, the former General set up the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, and thereafter appointed former Supreme Court Justice, Ephraim Akpata as chairman. Sensing the herculean venture earlier than it, the Akpata-led INEC held series of elections first for Local Government Areas in December 1998.


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Thereafter, he performed State Assemblies and Governors, National Assemblies and in the end Presidential elections on February 27, 1999. At the give up of the day, Abubakar kept his phrase and transferred power to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who turned into elected president on May 29, 1999. Having left power in 1999, he has played prominent roles at the United Nations and the African Union as he became a nicely-sought troubleshooter. Instructively, Abubakar helped in the Liberian peace motion as he presided over the 2003 peace talks among Charles Taylor and the opposing rebels. His role in the 2015 Presidential elections will not be forgotten in a rush. As chairman of the Peace Accord Committee, his choice become, however, often fitting. He, alongside other committee members, helped douse anxiety that nearly saw the us of a on the point of war. The former navy head of nation, who can be honoured with the Vanguard Lifetime Achievement Award turned into born on June thirteen, 1942, to Abubakar Jibrin and Fatikande Mohammed in Minna, Niger State. Between 1950 and 1956, he attended Minna Native Authority Primary School and from 1957-1962, he had his secondary school education at Government College, Bida, Niger State. From January to October 1963, he studied at Kaduna Technical College. Having left the university,

he felt the urge to enroll in the armed forces and in doing this, he joined the Airforce. It is apt to kingdom right here now not many humans are conscious that Abubakar is a member of the pioneering units of Officer Cadets, who enlisted inside the Nigerian Air Force on October 3, 1963. He became, however, flown to Uetersen in Germany with a crew of officer cadets, for Basic and Advance Military Training between 1964 and 1966. Upon his return to Nigeria in 1966, he changed into seconded to the Nigeria Army wherein he steadily rose via the ranks. After joining the army in 1966 as an officer cadet, the younger Abubakar attended the Emergency Combatant Short Service Course II. In October 1967, Abubakar was commissioned Second Lieutenant, Infantry Division of the Nigerian Army. From 1967-1968, Abubakar became General Staff Officer II, Second Garrison, and Commanding Officer, ninety two Infantry Battalion from 1969-1974. Between 1974 and 1975, he become made Brigade Major, 7th Infantry Brigade. In 1975, he served as Commanding Officer, 84 Infantry Battalion. In 1978-1979, Abubakar became Commanding Officer of the a hundred forty five Infantry Battalion (NIBATT II), United Nations Interim Force, Lebanon. In 1979, he became made Assistant Adjutant General 3rd Infantry Division, Nigeria. From 1980-1982, Abubakar was a major trainer on the Nigerian Defence Academy. He was, however, appointed as the Colonel of Administration and Quartering, 1st Mechanised Division in 1982, a position he held up till 1984. Military secretary From 1985-1986, the previous army fashionable turned into in charge of the 3rd Mechanised Brigade. Having served as Commander of the Brigade, he became appointed the Military Secretary of the Army from 1986 to 1988. Also, among 1990 and 1991, he became made General Officer Commanding, GOC, 1st Mechanised Division. Again, from 1991-1993, he become the Principal Staff Officer, because the Army Chief of Plan and Policy, Defence Headquarters. When the late Sani Abacha took over the reins of energy in 1993, Abubakar turned into appointed because the Chief of Defence Staff, Defence Headquarters, a function he held till June 8, 1998. Upon Abacha’s demise, he took energy as the u . S .’s Military Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces on June 9, 1998. Having exceeded over to a democratically elected president, the 4-megastar well-known retired from the Army and stays an integral standard.

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Janitors had been fired due to the fact they can’t read an after-hours observe from their boss with special easy-up commands. Families had been evicted from their condominium, even inside the coldest a part of iciness, when the condominium supervisor, who wants to lease the rental at a rate he knows the renter can’t pay, falsely claims that the condominium settlement allows eviction if a crying child disturbs different tenants. The evicted tenants do now not object fearing their illiteracy might be uncovered. The taking of medicines poses a chance to people who can not read the instructions on the drugs bottle. Children who have medical emergencies face life-and-death conditions if their illiterate parents have become misplaced due to the fact they can’t read the street symptoms. These and masses of similar “horror memories” arise all round us each day – most of them without our information.

I need to inform you about one of America’s grimy little secrets that you in all likelihood haven’t heard approximately: big functional illiteracy and the poverty that such illiteracy reasons. When I let you know how bad it is, you may find it difficult to believe, so I need to start by using providing you with the motives why you possibly did not understand.

Why We Do Not Know the Seriousness of Illiteracy

First, I must define purposeful illiteracy. Almost each American can examine at least a few hundred easy phrases they discovered in the first 3 grades in school. But if this is all of us can read, they can’t study nicely enough to get by using in addition to they should in our increasingly more complex society. They do no longer like to study and infrequently accomplish that. As a result, there are at least 34 exclusive sorts of critical bodily, intellectual, emotional, scientific and monetary problems they have to continuously endure–troubles that we might recall a disaster if they happened to us. Many simple obligations we take as a right are past the abilities of maximum illiterates. There are several definitions of useful illiteracy, however, the pleasant definition is: functional illiteracy is the lack of ability to read and write nicely sufficient to maintain an above-poverty-level-salary job. This is because employers have an economic hobby in being accurate in determining an worker’s potential to examine and write. Each employee ought to be well worth greater to the business enterprise’s profitability than the value of their wages. No other compiler of literacy information has this sort of robust monetary incentive to be correct.